Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today is a happy new day.
I have family, friends and I like life : )
My daughter's are spending the day together with Lil Malaika : )
I am here thinking I have been rather droll and not very social thinking
about my ailments. That is so not cool. I am glad I am able to think, dream, share,
create, laugh, be happy, look to the future and have so many women I can draw
good from!!!I am coming out and I do not have something nice to say I am not going to say anything!!! My new life's thought and I will follow it.
I have been busy this weekend listing in my etsy shop and dressing one of my clay dolls.
I have to work on this blog and redo my blog roll as it disappeared off the front page of my blog. Irritating yet technology happens : )
Thinking of all of YOU!!!
Hugs & peace

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Good Morning
It is a bright & chilly {45 degrees} outside; I sit on the balcony and drink coffee as it gives me thoughts of the bistro's on the Left Bank in Paris.
I use to sit out there and drink black coffee (Not Americano) and hold the mug/bowl tightly to keep my fingers warm. The gaiety even in the Artic freezing cold was so rejuvenating : )
I never saw an unhappy face. Faces in deep thought, concentration, heated & serious conversations, secretive yet never unhappy. I would have my legs wrapped around a chair leg and chewing on a croissant (actually savoring it while it melted in my mouth) and gazing at all of the life around me. The birds pecking at the ground for tidbits.
I am recuperating from the flu; went to the doctor Tuesday morning to see my Urologist; appointment cancelled as she had an emergency to tend too so I rescheduled and went to my orto-Spine doctor and rescheduled an appointment there. Around 1:00 pm I threw up : (
I got on the bus to get back to my daughter's in Canoga Park and it was all I could do to sit upright. I finally got into her apartment and continued throwing up. I was so tired and my muscles ached terribly. I stayed in bed, literally for 2 whole days sleeping off and on. all I could ingest was water. Thursday evening I could finally sit up yet it hurt. I attempted to answer some e-mails and could not stay upright.
Today, I am grateful to sit here and be able to converse : )
I went to the market to buy some items for Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to bake a turkey breast as both of my daughter's like just the white meat. Malaika, the new Mommie, asked for her Nana's okra, tomato and corn dish so I will prepare that for her. I will make the cornbread stuffing, fresh green beans and fresh baked sweet potatoes. Malaika does not like sweets so no baked pies this year as Shana, the healthful one, does not use processed sugars and I am not into Stevia yet. Shana will make the cheesy macaroni and cheese as we all enjoy that. We are making the dinner {I am; Shana will prepare her things at Malaika's} and taking it to her sister's in Los Angeles so the 3 of us can be delighted in the company of Lil Malaika on her first Thanksgiving : )
I am so glad to be able to sit and say hi to all.
Now, I am going to be even more productive and go to my etsy shop and list some vintage brass finding's.
Everyone have a lovely day!!!
Much happiness and peace!!!
P.S. Something happened and my favorite blogs disappeared off my main page : ( I cannot think right now and figure out how to get them back. Theya re still on my About Me page. Sometimes Blogspot mystifies me : )

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jan at Bobby Pins Boardwalk Blog is having a Give Away

This is a bowl of Hedge Apples. I had seen them in magazines but now I (we) have a chance to win them in Jan's Quicky Give Away!!! Please click on the link and join in on the fun. It is over on Wednesday November 18th, so do not be late.

Here they are in the woods. Click on the photographs
you will go straight to the Give Away blog!!!
I wish I lived close by so I could pick them up too : )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Friday

I remember growing up and being allowed to think, dream, play and make a mess creating!!!
My Mom would let me sew (yes, I learned to sew on a Singer treadle sewing machine at about 6 or 7).
On his way home from work, my Dad would stop at the butcher's and bring him a huge sheet of white paper so I could draw on it. I would lay on the hardwood floor and draw to my heart's content. I could look at anything and copy it : ) If any of you are old enough to remember the pirate on the back of book of matches...that was one of my favorite things to draw. I remember imagining what a pirate's life would be like : )
I am going for a fitting on December 1st for a brace for my left leg. I had a stroke when I was 24 and the muscles in the left leg atrophied; I was very fortunate as it is only about 1 1/2 inches difference in my legs. I was paralyzed totally for about 6 months yet with the assistance of friends, doctors and the wonderful staff at U.C.L.A.'s Neurophysiology ward I am pretty okay. The physical therapy made me cry and cuss yet I have lived a normal life for the last 36 years because of it. Now the past comes back to haunt me physically; I have been walking, rather painfully, with a cane for some time and I am bending over to relieve it : ( Yesterday I sewed a black, red and pink tulle net tutu for my youngest grand daughter Lil Malaika. I have made tutu's before and I want her to grow up knowing she is special and that magical times can be anywhere, any place and any time. My oldest daughter asked me why black? I have no answer : ) I wanted it to be different and not just pink. It seems most of her clothing is pink or has pink in it : )

This is the tutu...the black tulle is the bottom layer, then red and the pink is on top.

I took the photos on Shana's antique rose velvet settee.

It is so layered and gathered you barely see the black tulle. There are 3 layers, 6 yards gathered tulle in each color and the waistband is a 2 inch wide black Victoria's Secret elastic.
So, it is very full and sticks straight out like a ballerina's short tutu : )
I wanted to show you what I ahve been up too as Shana, will take it to Lil Malaika on Sunday Novemeber 15th and I am sure they will take photos of her with it on then.
There is a lady, Karla Nathan {Karla's Cottage} who has chronicled her Grand daughter Sugar Wings and I want to give Lil Malaika a sparkly life too : )
I suppose I am like all Grandma's and want my grand children to have a charmed life. It is so cool having this little girl so close as my other 3 live in Cleveland Ohio and I am in Southern California.

This is Lil Malaika the other day in her Halloween green velvet with white velvet wings fairy costume : ) She is close to 3 months old in this photograph. The hands are my youngest daughter, Malaika, proudly holding Lil Malaika up for auntie Shana to take the picture : )
I am living a wonderful life and wanted to share with you : )

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Blog Award from Maggie

My sweet friend Maggie (aka Lucy) sent me this Kreativ Blogger Award.
The rules for acceptance are:
~thank this person who nominated you for the award~
~copy the logo and place it on your blog~
~link to the person who nominated you~
~name 7 things about yourself that people may not know~
~nominate creative bloggers~
~post their links~
~leave a comment on each~

 Thank you so much Maggie!!! 
1. I am totally shy : )

2. I have sewn and drawn since I was about 6; my Dad would stop at the Butcher's store and bring me sheets of white paper to draw on while laying on the hardwood floor. I could look at anything and draw it; remember the match books with the pirate or clown on it?

3. I would rather be bare foot.
4. I drink black coffee and unsweetened tea.
5. It takes a lot for me talk to a person the first time on a telephone.
6. I love Armenian food; dolmas, pita bread, shish kabob (I grew up eating lamb) and Armenian Easter Bread Choreg. As kids we got to pick the grape leaves and the Mom's would cook and prepare them : ) Uummm, good!!!

7. I wish I did NOT need a cell phone.

I nominate:
Sharon (A Fanciful Life)
this is a lady with a big heart, soft words and super creative abilities!!!
Plus she has the sweetest cats : ) 

Mary is one of the dearest people I am privileged to know : ) 
I can ask her anything and not wonder if she will answer : )
She is open & honest; one of the most creative women I know!!!
Maggie is so cool and I enjoy her candid style!!!
I have known Phyllis since I started blogging and thought she was stuck up; 
she let me know what a kind & caring Christian woman she is. 
I totally agree.
Tia is a edgy female that has enthralled me for years; then I lost her : (
I am so Happy to once again have her in my life. She makes me laugh and she is a creative force!!!
 Carol Anne (Carol Anne's Boutique)
This wonderful lady is the definition of gentle and kind; plus we have the same name only spelled differently : ) She shares her vintage photos with us.
 Mary (Crash and Smash)
Mary is a lovely lady in Texas that has a birthday close to mine : ) 
She is very lovely too!!!
June (laughing With Angels)
Wow, this is a lady who lives like she talks/writes. 
A strong velvet Angel; with gossamer wings and Peonies scattered about. 
I met Sharon through a give away and through her Christian work I have found a life's friend!!! Plus she is a master beader!!!
Betty (Shes Sew Pretty) A California lady whose husband makes a perfect pot of coffee, her daughter-in-law bakes the best cookies and Betty, the nicest/sweetest/crafty/artsy lady!!!

 Now I will go leave a comment on each of these wonderful ladies blogs so they can claim their award. I also know about real life and if you are busy like I think you are; just claim your Kreativ Blogger Award and keep going : )
Thank you

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday Winkles : )

Little Malaika saying hi to everyone : )
Her Auntie Shana, bought her this little blue sweat suit with a hoodie jacket. 
I gave her the pink heart shaped sunglasses : )
I have a "thing" about the use of pacifiers : (
I did not use them with my 3 daughters; 
yet everyone, within my daughter's friends, says it is okay to use them. 
What do you think?
My daughter's say I am old fashion : )
I am in the San Fernando Valley working on the dolls I learned to sculpt
out of paper clay. I am having a blast and can't wait to show them : )
Take care and enjoy this beautiful autumn season we are in!!!