Monday, December 22, 2008

On a new adventure : )

Hi Friends:
Please visit me at my new blog:
I am being a merchant of vintage findings and such
It is my new adventure : )
Happy Days ahead!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

It has been far too long since I posted in Bloglandia and I have lost the skills to do it correctly.
I read about this project on Dear Corey's fabulous Blog "TONGUE IN CHEEK"
I had to place a banner here too : )
I miss all of you ladies and artists and craft's persons I have met and know over the years.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photos from Paradise

Well, paradise is in the heart of those who wish to linger : ) I like this photograph because I can see the little smile : )
I am doing a reality check about me. It is to realize that I do not have to (at this time) live away from where my feet are standing and I can make my Paradise inside of me.
I am kind of disappointed I am not living on Oahu yet I will get over it. Basically, I need a job that will allow me to spend time creating again and then I can feel a bit of happiness inside my soul. I need to be busy. I am off to the doctor's appointment and will see all of you later.
Have a super day

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No job in Paradise; this time.

Hi Everyone : )
I am back in Los Angeles. Oahu was terrific with the balmy breezes, the sunshine and the people!!!
Unfortunately, I did NOT plan very well and forgot Memorial Day was part of my time there : (, so the Human Resource offices were in only half a day on Friday the 23rd and NOT open on Monday and Tuesday was crazy. It is okay. Things happen for a reason and I will not question that part of my adventure. I will stay with my oldest daughter, Shana, in Canoga Park and on June 11th I go to an interview that will be very beneficial for me. Until then I will keep blogging and work towards my next adventure here in Los angeles : )
I feel great; I am well, happy and around people that are kind and nice. I am applying for a job and I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow and have a TB test done so I can take the paper work to the interview on June 11th.
The plane ride back was long and tiresome : ( I have lots of photographs to download on the computer so I can show you in a post tomorrow and Friday.
Take care!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I feel goofy looking : (
But isn't this the most beautiful Hibiscus? They are huge here and so many colors. I made a mess of this job search ; ( #1 I forgot it was Memorial Day weekend and the human resource departments closed early on Friday : ( and of course they are not open tomorrow : (
I have filled out many applications and only have heard from one so far.
I may be back on the mainland sooner than I expected; I hope not yet the outcome will be what it will be : )
Thank you to all for the well wishes : )


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leaving tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday May 22nd I will be on the jet plane to Oahu for the job interviews. I am so excited and happy and thrilled : )
I will have my trusty camera with me so I can take pictures too : )

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Good Day to All:
I am so excited as I am spending a couple of days with my eldest daughter, Shana~33, before I leave for Oahu. There is just something special about the 1st born : ) I gush when I see or think of her : ) She is such a feminine non-judgmental woman, holistic, careful to the Earth/environment, thoughtful of others and intelligent. Independent and pleasant to be around : )

Raven is my middle daughter (almost 31), wife, mother (Super Mom) and a delightful human being. She wears many hats and is so "IT" regarding her responsibilities!!! As she resides in Ohio I miss her joyful attitude & laugh. She sparkles and gives off so much positive energy!!! Not only is she Mom to 3, she works, goes to college and does part time modeling : )


This beauty is my baby : ) She is just coming into her own identity. She was spoile a bit too much and is only now accepting her role in life. She has a boyfriend that is kind, gentle and loving and very patient with her : )

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today I received this photographs of a carved tree located in South Africa. It is so awesome to me. The faces of the animals speak a thousand words. I want to touch them to see if they are indeed real : )
At 59, and going on another adventure, I feel so good whenever I see something new and amazing. It makes me realize I have so many more adventures to go on and there is enough time to see more. When I hear Corey talk about the flea markets in France, Marita talk so lovingly of her Southern Valley, Mary speak softly of her cottage in Massilon, Ohio (Lillian Gish's birthplace), Jamie speak so generously of family and friends in Southern California, Amy talk of tag sales in Iowa, Pinkie~Denise show us her many fine vintage collections, Betty in Clovis showing us her favorites little shops,
and Constance, enlivening our world with her Floralina's
and purses extrodinare. Take a minute to go to her blog as she is having a party; celebrating her 1 year of blogging!!! Please wear your party hat : )
All of these wonderfully different blogs give me hope I shall make it to all parts of the world and see life through their eyes. The thing I find in the camaraderie with blogger's is the diversity of everyone. I feel so fortunate to have met ladies in Bloglandia that give their heart in open hands : )
Lest, anyone forget, my Friend Phyllis over at
Shabby In The City!!!
Okay, girls/ladies have a marvelous day!!!


Friday, May 16, 2008


This day May 16th 2008 finds me preparing for a new adventure...again : )
I have not posted since December 6th, 2007. I went to Oklahoma, saw, did not conquer and came back to Los Angeles to recuperate. I am preparing to "Leave On A Jet Plane" May 22nd and fly to Honolulu Hawaii for some job interviews. Please all of you; pray that I am hired so I can stay on the island of Oahu and continue my life adventurously : )
Last year in July 27th I flew to Oahu and was offered 2 jobs and chose to come back to the mainland. My life is so totally free now I can, without any guilt, accept a job and stay on Oahu. My daughters, all 3, are living productive independent lives and Mama is not needed like previously : ) I am truly inspired by their independence!!!
I no longer need a doctor's care and my spine and back are pretty well healed. It has been a bit over 7 months since having the spine surgery and my neurologist said I am in the 1% who will not require any more surgeries. I am sure much of it had to do with the prayers you ladies so unselfishly sent my way!!!
I will be able to post photographs as I am in Honolulu so I will keep you up to date on this my
New Adventure : )
My humble intentions are:
#1 get a job
#2 be a merchant on this blog
#3 have nice embellishments (vintage and new) for all of you crafter's, artist's and scrap bookers that come to this simple blog
#4 give credit to Phyllis from Shabby In The City for the inspiration to sell. She has the most wonderful Flea Market Friday's on her blog. I wanted to have a Market too : ) So, after expressing my desire to her she said I was required to pay her $1,000,000.00 in Confederate Paper money for the idea : )
Anyone know where I can find some? : )