Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whimiscal Wednesday

Good Morning
I am so excited. I received handmade buttons from
Tessa Ann's Etsy Shop.
Is her packaging too sweet or what?

Tessa Ann's Etsy Shop.
I ordered them to put on some baby clothes I will make for my newest grand daughter who will be born in August : )

I just love her packaging!!!

Please enlarge the photograph and look at the detail of these little handmade buttons. She is so "IT"
She also has a blog:
Tessa Ann
She will create custom buttons and I feel privileged that she is currently working on some for me right now : )
Please check out her etsy shop and you will be so impressed.
I am : )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tattered Tuesday

It was a great & crazy weekend for me; in fact it was not over until Monday evening. I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with 2 of my daughters at my oldest one's apartment.
I lost my Sprint cell phone that was only 8 months old : (
No, I did not have insurance : (
I think I will look on e-bay for one to replace it.
I received a package in the mail. The stamps were Cary Grant so that evokes thoughts of class : ) Sorry it turned out blurry : (

Then I opened it and these are the individually wrapped presents I received:
Look at the vintage reproduction card. I love him : )
Thank you Tina!!!
The envelope French inspired book is a booklet of fancy Post It Note's. Now I will have something nice to write little words instead of grabbing a piece of lined note paper : )

I just love the envelope that contains the notes!!!

These lovely butterfly's are canceled stamps laminated and now I have the PERFECT book mark. I usually end up using a receipt from the market or book store.
Thank you Tina!!!

Sharon from A Fanciful Life
knew I was trying to find glassine small bags {I need them and will use them} to use in my Etsy shop and she sent these to me. She is the lovely person behind these super presents being to me.
It was a great end of a super visit with my daughters.
To have presents waiting for me makes me feel so special : )
Thank you so much Sharon & Tina!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Last night my BFF {Best Friend Forever} took me to Teena Marie's CD release in Ladera Heights.
David is a life's coach and most of his clients are in the entertainment industry.
David L. Green
The following are photographs I was able to take : )
I was a busy photographer : )
This photograph is the billboard of the front of her new CD. Isn't she lovely? I like soulful look in her eyes!!!

I visited the Jamba Juice while we were waiting for her limousine to arrive : )
Drank a pomegranate berry yogurt smoothie!!!

The local radio station 92.3 The Beat was in appearance to photograph the festivities too. If you click on their link you will more photographs they took too.

Lady Tee
has arrived : )

Here is the photograph where I captured David and Teena recognizing one another : )

Teena and David talking while she autographs the CD,
Congo Square

Yes, David and I are holding the CD's that Teena will sign with the bandana's
92.3 The Beat

gave to us. I had her sign my CD for my daughter.

It was a fun evening.
Let me add, when Teena arrived and the fans were so excited to see here the body guards and security were keeping the fans back; Teena said no. She took the time to hug and shake hands of all that reached out to her!!! She is a BIG proponent of showing her fans she appreciates them!!! Big hands up to Lady Tee!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Simply Saturday

Simply Saturday
I went to work today, went to the market, went to the mail box to pick up mail
and my heart skipped a couple (a lot) of beats.
A lady named Carol Anne's Boutique sent me a surprise and what a surprise!!!
Her blog is one of vintage photos that she kindly lets us download and use in our art work. Feminine, vintage and so sweet are her photos.
Hwere is the envelope as I received it.

Here is the inner, pretty and see through floral print envelope.

This is the lovely card that was in the envelope attached to the floral inner envelope.

This is my beautiful surprise. The detail Carol Anne went to is amazing. The heart is out of 2 pretty brown, tan, and Robin's Egg blue papers, little blue fleurs with orange stamens centered in each, a bit of vintage lace, the coordinating blue & brown vintage seam binding, and the tiniest scrabble pieces spelling "Vintage."
The pocket is holding the most precious vintage real photograph postcard of a very proper little girl dressed in all white with cotton eyelet and lace. 1910 and just a beautiful in 2009

My camera was acting out so the photos are not the best : (
She is beautiful holding a bouquet of white roses in her right hand : )

She is all that a little girl should be!!!

I have several vintage/antique photographs of babies in their christening gowns; yet this young lady is absolutely the best.
In closing; Thank you so much for your kindness
Carol Anne
carole ann

Friday, June 05, 2009

Fun & Friendly Friday

Fun & Friendly Friday:
I love this little birdie : )
He is all puffed up and giving his best scowl. I just love his expression.he is too cute!!!
He has been around for years photographed by the renowned wildlife photographer:
Michael L. Smith

The name of this photograph is:
The Mad Bluebird

Talk about my age catching up with me : )
I am one of those people that lines up everything and thinks I am super organized : )
Not : )
I am 3 weeks ahead of myself on the VHL conference.
I got up this morning and was all ready to pick up Beverly and her wonderful son Steven and good thing she e-mailed me and nicely said in 3 weeks : )
So, instead of excitedly hosting them to see Hollywood stuff I will clean my storage and list items for my etsy shop.
Everyone have a great weekend and talk to ya later : )

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Today is a marvelous day. I went over to a friends blog and looked at the scrumptious she made pizza and took photos of a little girl that just swelled my heart.
I am going to Nancy's shop:

Gilding the Lily
The above is a link to her blog. You can see and read about all of the artist's and their workshops that are held there.
This is her Gilding the Lily Vintage website.
If you like and love vintage trims, feathers, ephemera, finding, rhinestone brooches, buttons, wall paper, fleurs, millinery, ad infinitum.
Well, I went to Nancy's shop and met with a nice lady but Nancy was not in appearance : (
Her lovely daughter was holding down the fort and was her usual charming self!!!
Gotta go to bed for I have a big day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wonderful World Wednesday

Wonderful World Wednesday
The below link is to Steven's You Tube video that won him the trip, for he and his Mom to Anaheim and the V.H.L. Conference. Please click and watch.

The above is a video on You Tube that won Steven and Mom Beverly a trip to Anaheim to attend the V.H.L. Conference. I met her because I read a post on Corey's blog and followed that part of his journey. I also went to You Tube and clicked on his video every day and sometimes more than once. He won the trip to the VHL conference in Anaheim, with the most hits. His Mom's blog is:
Steven's Journey
V.H.L. is Von Hippel-Lindau which is is a genetic condition involving the abnormal growth of blood vessels in some parts of the body which are particularly rich in blood vessels. It is caused by a flaw in one gene, the VHL gene, on the short arm of chromosome 3, which regulates cell growth.
An Easy Way to Help - if you publish a story which refers to VHL, we would appreciate it if you would mention "for more information about VHL, please contact 1-800-767-4VHL" in the U.S. and Canada, or our E-mail account anywhere in the world, and this website
She documents the pain, the smiles and the life of her darling son Steven.
Now, the wonderful part of all of this is I get to pick them up Friday and take them to see Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard : )
Oh, I am so excited to meet this lady {extraordinary Mom} and her delightful son!!!
I will hopefully get to take some photographs and post them over this weekend : )
I have much admiration for this woman and her son!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday with Mary and her website

Good morning Bloglandia
I feel like such a fortunate person, as I have been reflecting on my good fortunes in meeting the super awesome artists, crafter's and wonderfully talented women on this Wide World Web!!! I just came from my daily rounds of looking at, commenting on the beautiful posts, gazing upon the foo foo, frou frou, froo froo pink, feminine creations that are floating (almost literally) out here. I wonder and I wish I knew why I cannot conceive and create what I feel inside my soul?
I am not a pinkie person. I love to see the creations of the pinkie, feminine women who go over the top and it is NOT too much. I would have a room just to gaze upon it and think of the softness it takes to make it.
I am a bright jewel tone person and it works for me.
My connection (DSL) is acting sluggish and I am unable to upload the images to create the atmosphere I enjoy and it is not happening.
So, I will clean the kitchen (I made spaghetti with fresh steamed broccoli for tonight's dinner. I will make garlic bread for dinner also.)
My friend, Mary Rose, opened her website yesterday June 1, 2009.

Isn't her bling lavender Fleur just too sweet?
Most of you know her, Mary Rose, from her blog, etsy and e-bay sites. This lady can design, craft and create artistically with the best. Her cottage is real life. She is a vintage lover, pinks and ruffles.
Her just opened website has vintage and newer items at great prices. I tried to be the first one to buy something from her but 3 others beat me : )
The added extra is this lady is SUPER nice!!!
Okay, the kitchen is clean and I am making a rosette/award ribbon for another artist. when it is finished I will post a photograph.
Have a fun relaxed day!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday, Monday

Remember California Dreaming by The Mamas & Papas?

I was there : )
Bob Dylan was the heart throb for me : )

Well Donovan too. I wasn't into The Grateful Dead.
I was into Grace Slick and Jefferson airplane.

Love beads, bare feet and long hair : )
The one I will never forget is Janis Joplin;

You did not live in San Francisco and hang out in the Haight and not know her or get to meet her; talk about a down to Earth girl. Actually she was rather shy : )
Well, I will finish with this song by a great man:
Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World!!!

And it is a Wonderful World!!!