Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Catskills, Comfort in a Gingerbread House

Hi Everyone:
Please click on the link and read about the most adorable cottage!!!
This is the owner, Sandy and her Maltese.
Sandra Foster turned a Catskills hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian cottage she had always wanted.
I was reading the New York Times article and a few paragraphs from the end 
I read the name, Beth Neumann
a fellow blogger whom I have been following forever because she is so nice and creative!!! 
So I am excited to read the article that has Beth's name in it and that we can all see this beautiful oasis 
Sandy created for herself.
It is so ethereal!!! 
She probably has little dainty faeries watching out for her too!!!
Have a wonderfully wistful weekend!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life is becoming what it is going to be : )

I am listing in my Etsy shop,  
(when you have a moment please visit)
Offered to anyone who mentions they are a Follower of this blog, 
a fellow Blogger and/or read this post; a 20% discount will be given
to you. Please mention in a "convo" or an e-mail so it can be deducted.
Shipping will remain the same.
the most wonderful and beautiful banners and buttons on this blog:Playing With Graphics. She re-vamped my blog and my Etsy shop to reflect a new, fresher me. Spring goes into summer and with that comes renewal, rebirth and transformation. I did NOT think I was a lavender/purple person; seems I can do it : ) I cook every day. I love to cook for all 3 meals.
This range free chicken breasts baked with freshly squeezed lemon juice,  Himalayan pink salt, oregano, thyme, garlic cloves, cumin, thinly sliced baby onions and 1 organic sliced carrot.  
 Another view
This a view of thinly sliced zucchini, onions, turmeric (good for inflammation; particularly arthritis) which I use in most dishes. Love the color and the flavor!!! This was incorporated into 2 soft scrambled eggs for breakfast.
 Another view
 Take a look at this organic Valencia orange baked chicken:
This dish was started being sauted in the skillet with extra virgin 1st cold pressed olive oil from Spain. It is a favorite.
These 2 photos are after it was taken out of the oven and put in the refrigerator to be eaten today : )
 My dishes consist of black, white and black/white checks and black/white polka dots and some florals. 
I hope you have enjoyed what I created.
 Spices are wonderful; garlic, Cumin, Turmeric, oregano (Italian and Mexican), Sal Del Mar smoked sea salt Matiz Mediterraneo (from Spain), very rarely is white table salt or black pepper used. 
I use lots of fresh, very finely chopped Jalapeno peppers. 
It is so delicious and very healthful for you.
I love Lavender but do not have any right now : ( 
What are your favorite spices?
Do you bake? Can? Make jams? 
Do you listen to music or whistle while you are in the kitchen?
Have any lavender food recipes you would like to share?
The other thing I do every day is drink a couple of cups Ginger root tea because it is another natural inflammation fighter and I require all the assistance I can get. I boil water in my tea pot (love to hear the whistle), cut a piece of the Ginger root, dice it into little pieces, pour the boiling water on them and let it steep. I never use sugar or  amber Agave nectar (from a cactus plant) in my teas or coffee. Have wonderfully aromatic, savory or sweet, day!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning Everyone
I am having the privilege of baby sitting the Lil Ms. M this day : )
 She is in on my, yes unmade bed, sleeping.
I truly become absorbed in her whenever she is around : )
Her Mom and Auntie (2 of my grown daughters) had to go to Brawley this morning and brought her by so we could spend time together. Lucky me. It is on it's way Darla : )
I am unable to do too much of anything when she is here as she is a whirlwind of energy.
I am taking her to the post office as I have a package to mail out today to a friend.
I knew she was coming so I prepared the package last night. 
Ms. M thinks she is suppose to be on the computer keyboard and I let her : )
Tomorrow is my day for surgery; the bladder (yuk).
I go in this evening and the surgery is 1st thing in the morning.
When MiMi wakes up we are going to have soft scrambled eggs for breakfast. 
Cage free Vegan ones; my oldest daughter is very healthful minded.
We want to pass it on to the baby.
 She just woke up so off to make breakfast : )
Have wonderfully delightful and happy day!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Good Day!!!

Good Morning to Everyone!!!
I would like to thank of you who took the time to leave me well wishes while I have been gone. Thank you sincerely!!!
Mary, thank you for taking the initiative to update my blog.
Thank you!!!
I am kind of back : )
Still dealing with health issues and glad to be able too.
Today and yesterday my daughter,  let me have Lil Miss M over and I am so thrilled.
She is, at 10 months a handful, and giving me a run for my money : )
Here she is on my unmade bed in the tutu I made her months ago.
Please notice the Bali silver ankle bracelet. She wears it all of the time.
She is crawling on the kitchen floor actually on the aqua rag rug my daughter gave me.
Okay, she is taking everything out of her diaper bag and throwing it on the floor; and I let her : ) 
I am the Grandma : )
She is walking and it is fun. My oldest daughter and I took her to the Long Beach Whole Foods Market and she had a blast. She has learned how to do the Prom Queen wave and the venue was perfect for her : )
She is delightful, happy and a joy to have around.
Before I ramble on, I had the most  pleasant experience Wednesday.
A lady bought some items out of my etsy shop.
I was so excited when I saw it was our friend Marylou!!!
Her blog is:
Marylou's Thoughts & Other Critical Matter :)
She has the most wonderful vintage/shabby/French/fou fou creations in her shop.
Stop by and see her when you want eye candy;  hers are functioning pieces that you CANNOT do without!!!
I am scheduled for my (ugh) bladder surgery on Friday June 11th. A good thing for me physically yet my Dear Friend Amy
has invited me to meet with her and some other ladies in Temecula and I will be unable to get the proverbial hug, kiss and the opportunity to take photographs with her due to the scheduled above surgery : ( 
Please click on the link above and read all about her upcoming trip to Southern California.
I am gearing up to see my wonderful neuro surgeon on June 9th and we will discuss the prognosis of the 3rd and hopefully last spine surgery I will need.The one where he will insert a metal rod and screws in my spine and hopefully the muscles and nerves will grow on and around it giving my spine the stability it really needs.
Then I "found" the nicest, positive and wonderful blog.
Her name is Lori Bei.
Please click the link and give her a holler. Just so sweet.
I have a real sincere "thing" for positive, sincere and uplifting human beings.
It keeps me on track.
I need it more than not : )
I am listing in my etsy shop and anyone interested is certainly welcome to stop by.
a Bohemian Market
Anyone that comes by and sees something they like can e-mail me {} or "convo" me through etsy and mention you read about it on my blog and I will gladly give you a 
20% discount on any merchandise you choose to buy. Mentioning it to me first will allow me to adjust the listing so 20% discount will be reflected when you buy instead of having to refund your money. 
Shipping will remain the same.
I have to learn how to put the etsy badge on this blog. 
Some things fail me : )
Take care and much happiness to all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Update about Carole~

Hello this is Mary of IsabellasCloset, a friend of Carole's
 I asked her if I could please add this post to her blog.

 Many of you are probably worried about her
 and wondering how she's doing.
 At this time she has no computer access and
 is only able to receive emails via her cell phone.

 I spoke with her Sunday she sounded good but
is in a lot of pain. She still has a long way to go.
 Even with all that's going on with her
she has the best attitude!
 God bless her.....

 When she's able to get back to her computer
 she will tell you more.

Until then please keep Carole in your thoughts and prayers.
 Thanks so much ~Mary~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank you for your well wishes and continued support!!!

Life is good
Here is Malaika cruzing the living room floor in her pink rubber duckie : )
I stayed at Malaika's for the 1st week after discharged from the hospital.
Here she is playing with her yellow rubber duckie.
She is chubby yet the doctor said she is not over weight.
She is strapped into her car seat going to her christening. 
Yes, she already likes pearls and bling in her hair : )
Babies are the most precious and dearest!!!
A bit about me:
My neurosurgeon was absolutely wonderful; straight to the point and did NOT sugar coat anything!!! I sincerely appreciate his honesty.
My spine is for want of a better analogy like hard jello and wobbly. Before this year is gone I will go in for my 3rd surgery and a metal rod will be screwed in to stave off the degeneration. It is a stop gap measure yet should give me another 4 or 5 years being able to walk albeit with my jazzy walker. 
I am NOT complaining as I am so grateful to be standing up straight again!!!
Before surgery I was walking stooped over like I had done hard labor all of my life.
Life is going as it should and I am happy!!!
I sincerely appreciate all the care, concern and well wishes from you and as soon as I can sit at this computer I will come and say a personal thank you to all!!!
Right now it is doctor's, labs and housing that I am concentrating on : )
I am a busy bee : )
Hi everyone; this is me today : )
Take care.
Much love and peace to all!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Always happy and great to post : )
Lil Malaika is relaxing in her pink bath tub : )
Mom, do you have to take so many pictures?
This picture below is Lil Malaika playing around and not wanting to get dressed.
I titled it:
"Casting Call for the Flying Nun"
It certainly is simply wonderful being her Gram : )
Yes, I still need to buy her Mommy a digital camera.
Shana (Big Sister) and I are going to look for one, hopefully this weekend.
My spine surgery was postponed a second time. First time was because my
blood tests were not finished. This time and emergency operation took
precedence (which I totally understand) and Monday is a holiday.
So, patience, from me is required until Friday February 19th.
I want to have the surgery so I can recuperate and start living 
a more normal, pain free life again. 
I am looking forward to fun stuff, sewing and being creative : )
Have a wonderful week end and be Happy!!!
I just came across the
lovliest cupcake blog.
Her name is Nicole and her blog is:
Dotty About Cake
Absolutely lovely!!!
It is about 8:30 am here in Southern California. It is time for my bowl of oatmeal with organic raw blue agave nectar
and I would so much rather be eating one three, of her delightful treats!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Greetings Everyone
Life is Good Great.
I have been rearranging my ducks (life) as I will have my 2nd spine surgery on Friday February the 5th. Everything should go smoothly : )
The Neurosurgeon is super.
He laid the law down to me as I did not follow the other instructions 2 1/2 years ago : (
I was approved, the other day, for my SSI Benefits.
It has been a long {6 years} winding road to be approved.
I can now breathe a sigh of relief!!!
I still do NOT have a photo of my 6 month old grand daughter in the tutu I made her : (
Malaika has had company at her apartment and is a sweet thoughtful hostess.
So, Mom {me} has to be patient; especially since I will be recuperating soon.
I bought my URL {} over a year ago for 5 years.
I have been unable to find anyone who would create it for an affordable amount.
I will enroll, after I have recuperated enough to sit in a classroom, in a local adult night school that is teaching Dream Weaver so I can do it : )

I want a place to sell my many vintage jewelry findings and paper products.
It is late 9:36 pm and I started this early this morning : )
gotta go to bed