Thursday, April 30, 2009


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Women's dresses over the years.
Daring. Unique. Fun.

I cannot imagine some of the corset's one would have to have assistance in putting on : ) Yet the wispy waist line they aspired too was not easily done without at least 2 pairs of hands.

I love the Ancient Egyptian clothing and make up. The joyful use of colors.
Almost theatrical.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Evening

It is so weird that I am able to sit here and write these posts when I was unable to write in 3 months.
Actually, the reason for this is, the downturn of the American economy has hit me too regarding my hours at work. I use to put in 10 to 12 hour days 6 and sometimes 7 days a week. Now I have been informed I will be lucky to be paid for even 20 hours weekly.
Whooo. It is going to be a challenge : )
I love these 2 old buttons.
I have been trying to go to my storage so I could list more in my etsy shop; I am thinking about putting some kind of kits together. I am running into a shipping problem with regards to shipping scrap booking paper. The really big sheets are square and the cost to ship them, so they remain protected,
is prohibitive : ( So I have to figure what the best method will be as I am "de-stashing" my crafts storage.
This is my eldest daughter whom, after 34 years, seems too beautiful to be my child. What a wonderful human being she has become. But that they could have stayed little a bit longer : ) Now she acts like she is the Mommy : ) Asking me if I am tired and always bringing me organic vitamins to take (liquid iron) or cooking me something healthful to eat. Always with a bottle of Penta water in her hand for me : )
The children!!!


I am having a Give Away : ) Please come and check it out so I can put your name in to win!!!
Has anyone seen this graphic before? I bought the original vintage postcard on e-bay years ago and have since lost it. I think it is a Tuck card. I kept her because she is my image of what I would have looked like and more importantly, how I would have liked to have dressed. I love her flair with the black plumes and her use of stripes, brocade trim and I am sure the fabrics are cotton velvet. It looks like the good old heavy fabric.Are these shoes hot or what?
I personally cannot imagine walking in them yet I did wear 6 inch platforms in the 70's : ) Since I am 60 now my girls tease me about what I wore and how I dressed back in the 60's & 70's : ) Bell bottom pants, fur vests, flowered anything was cool back then, the love beads (tons of them) and all platform shoes. The embroidered gauze blouses, so billowy and light.
Have a very pleasant day and please come and leave a comment you can have your name included in the Give Away : )

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My friend in Australia says that to me (actually I asked her to say it to me so I could hear it from a real Australian). I like accents of people of the world.
People use to ask me if I were from the South and I would say "Yes, Southern California" : ) I do not have a drawl yet I sound like I drink Bourbon, chain smoke cigarettes and have a cold all in the same breathe : )
Oh well I do not concern myself anymore since I do not drink (I am designated driver) and I have big feet too yet what a mess I would be in if I worried about these kinds of "things."
This very lovely lady is Caminade Duchesse de'Angouleme, Marie Antoinette's daughter. Quite the classical beauty!!!I also like this fabric. I like the design. The scroll work in the back ground.
Farewell, ladies, I am off to organize my storage unit.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Today is a wonderful day!!!
I am ready to list in my etsy shop:
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I am having a
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Monday, 4 May, 2009

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Divine DeDe Warren's Marie Antoinette Art Journal

Front cover of Marie Antoinette Journal
Talk about the coming of age for me.
I attended the workshop of the fantabulous (not a misspelled world; I made it up to say what I feel ) mixed media artiste DeDe Warren's Marie Antoinette Art Journal on March 18th, 2009.
I am a fish out of water when it comes to "off the cuff" art work. I am so used to sewing where the seams must match : ) I am kind of a prude and it took an artist like DeDe to let me know it is okay not to have any rules to follow : )
On her blog she says it so succinctly:
I'm an everyday girl trying to be the best me I can be!!!
She does it so effortlessly and allows one (me especially) to be creative in a mixed media arena. I was so excited I dashed to the library and checked out a book on Marie Antoinette so I would be able to feel and understand the love for her has that has the artists at her beck and call.
What a blast we had at The Lily!!! Nancy Jamar always out does herself in making her shop welcoming to all of us. Food, spirits (liquid and of the past), camaraderie and sharing of thoughts, papers and embellishments. Click on the link for The Lily and you will be able gaze upon the wonderful photos Nancy put on her blog. If you would like to gaze at them now, here they are, with Nancy's permission.
Being around these ladies is pure magic for the soul. I am always over full when I have to leave!!! Being in Nancy's shop is taking a magical tour of an older gentler (excluding the guillotine) time in another world and you (particularly I) do NOT want to leave. Brushing shoulders with 19th century mannequins, wired head dresses of another era, while your busy fingers trace the lines of vintage brass findings that beg you to touch, caress and buy : )
Now I will add some pages from my journal which is my work in progress .

peace and thank you

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book signing & trunk show for Jewelry Artiste Amy Hanna

The Charming Amy Hanna
The night was teeming with an undercurrent of sighs, camaraderie, and revelry. The illustrious shop, Gilding The Lily, was full to overflowing with artists, food, friends, wine, clients, cheese and persons having their books signed by Amy Hanna.
Her book is beautiful inside and out.
Ada, with Amy, having her book signedThis happy lady is Nancy Jamar...Gilding The Lily's very own!!!Amy's friends
The Fantabulous DeDe Warren!!! If you have not yet bought the Marie edition of Stampington & Company Magazine, break all speed limits to buy one. DeDe is a hit in it!!! She will be what my next post is about as she is a hit as a teacher : )
Okay, I must brag on this photograph...I finally was able to meet the Gracious & Delightful Lidy Barrs of
French Garden House.
Also, her blog is Little French Garden House
To be in the presence of people I have only read about made for a memorably awesome evening to share with Bloglandia!!!
Yes, I too, had my picture taken with Amy. Such a sweetheart!!!
I am back, again : )


I am back and going to challenge myself to post regularly. I miss seeing and hearing from the wonderful blogger's I have followed over the years and meeting and listening to new bloggers. I thoroughly enjoy seeing their creativity, their websites, and Etsy shops.
Mary from (IsabellasCloset) created/designed this above lovely banner for me. Visit her blog and see all the beautiful,one of a kind banners and templates she can create for you!!! I love the juxtaposition of the colors and too much going on : ) That is me; too much going on and the love of orange, green, black and stripes all at the same time.
These 2 fellows have been with me for years, through name changes and attempts at being a frequent blogger. Actually, it is one man that I mirrored years ago. I love his love of color, maybe he dressed in the dark : ) I had a postcard with him on it (thank goodness I saved him) yet it must be in the Bermuda Triangle morass as I seem to have lost it .
Tonight I will post about a book signing & trunk show for Jewelry Artiste Amy Hanna, I was fortunate enough to be invited to on March 28th 2009 : ) It was more like a companionable soiree in Old Fullerton at Lily's. This is the shop to come too whenever you are in Southern California. It is (drum roll, please) Gilding The Lily. Please click on the above link and see the photos and words she had to say about the evening. The proprietoress, Nancy Jamar, is the "IT" person; a lady, an artist, a friend, and such the humble person it makes you enjoy her that much more!!!
Okay, I will be back this evening after the chores of this day are completed or at least started : )