Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday is perfect for me as I spent yesterday, stayed the night and am sitting at my daughter's computer right now : ) She is so delightful to be around.

I so do NOT know why the quality of the photograph is so poor : ( To the bottom right of the photograph are my gray tennis shoes under her red mosaic heart shaped table, a wrapped present for her sister, the rose cotton velvet antique settee which she loves. She is a lover of hand crafted, vintage and foo foo items.
Okay, I am cleaning off her balcony of leaves from the ficus tree shedding, then I am working on some labels to more artfully package items I sell on Etsy. I bought some colorful sheets of card stock from Kinko's yesterday, I only have 2 glassine bags : ( so after the design is completed I will peruse the Internet and find some to purchase so the packaging will be done nicely. Does anyone know where i would be able to buy some at a low cost? I need 3" X 4" ones, 1 1/2" X 2" and 4" X 5". Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!! Also, the ones I need are the papery plastic ones; not the regular plastic ones. Make sense?
I hope so because I cannot find them : ( I found some, I think. I also found out the correct name is flat Polyethylene bags.
I located a store in Los Angeles called the Paper Mart. I am going to call them in the morning and see if I can walk in and save the shipping and other fees. One case of 1,000 small 2" x 3" bags is $12.80 but the shipping to Los angeles is $5.40, plus (as is stated on their website) a small handling fee of $3.00, 9.5 CA tax and another fee. Well it will double the price : (

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skipping thru Saturday

Saturdays child
The lyrics of Saturdays child poem were used to assist a child in learning the order and names of the different days of week. The name of the poem is seldom remembered, it is in fact Mondays child, but as adults we just have vague recollections that such a poem about the attributes of people born on different days actually exists we tend to want to know the qualities of those born on a specific day like Saturdays child.
Sunday was traditionally referred to as the 'Sabbath day' in the religion of Christianity so there is not a specific Sundays child! The author of Saturdays child is unknown.
" Saturdays child works hard for his living"
Saturdays child poem
AKA Mondays child
Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
I tried to find a photo of the Saturday's Child embroidered on a tea towel Like I did when I did as a child yet no luck : (
So, I close with, I like being a hard worker.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Maturity is Calming & Soothing

Cooking is calming/soothing.
Writing on this blog is calming/soothing.
I am not at work today (nor yesterday) yet it is okay. I get to cook, pack and post. My work hours have been slashed drastically. I am living today; I do not worry about tomorrow; which is usually my downfall. Today is marvelous and tomorrow will be here when it gets here. Yesterday what it was supposed to be.
I am 60 and it is super. I am practically healed from my spine surgery on October 5th 2007. There had been much thought to having a second surgery yet the neuro surgeon says he is pretty sure I will not need it. Yeah!!! I am walking and standing much better. He suggested that I get into some type of physical therapy and I am definitely up for that.
I was talking to Shana (my 34 year old daughter) the other day and she remarked how much better I am walking now. She said, "I remember when I was a little girl and you use to drag your left foot/leg." She definitely has something to refer to as I had a stroke when I was 24 {an aneurysm burst in my brain}. Shana was born just before my 26th birthday and I was definitely still recuperating : )
I asked her if it embarrassed her that I was physically different than her friends Mother's. She said, "No, but you were a lot older than they were." She didn't mind that I walked funny but I was old then : )
We laughed : )
Maturity is the ability to live in peace with that which we cannot change. --Ann Landers
Too be able to walk, talk, sew, cook, be with my daughters and meet new friends is so cool for my maturity.
I am rather emotive , have a resonant voice {sounds kind of gravely} and easily get excited : ) Friends are always saying "Carole, take it down a notch" and I do : )
Kids like me because I like them : ) Animals like me because I like them.
Adults like/do not like me because I am down to Earth. Who has time to waste on perpetration? Not, I : )

Fabulous Friday

Last night I decided to use my crock pot for a pot of beef stew. I love all aspects of cooking, buying the vegetables, cleaning, chopping. You can see I used fresh carrots I cut on the slant, chunks of white onions, pieces of green bell peppers, cubes of red potatoes, chunks of beef and cabbage. I forgot to buy celery so I used some celery seeds.
I did not think to clean the sides of the crock pot : )

It is delicious if you like beef stew. I thicken the gravy with a bit of corn starch as I have no wheat flour or quinoa flour {which is by far the superior to me}

On a light note:

Growing up I was never a reader of comic books yet I do remember the back and forth of Archie, Veronica & Betty.Well, about 2 hours ago on the Internet, it is revealed whom he is proposing too in the 600th issue.

Yes, Veronica said yes!!!

the publisher has already revealed the identity of Archie’s fiancĂ©e: Veronica!!!on the official Archie Comics blog

I am making a cup of coffee : )



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yellow is a Yummy Color

This is dedicated to my Friend:
Yellow; is it a color we take for granted?
yel·low (yl)n.
a. The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between orange and green, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 570 to 590 nanometers; any of a group of colors of a hue resembling that of ripe lemons and varying in lightness and saturation; one of the subtractive primaries; one of the psychological primary hues.
b. A pigment or dye having this hue.
c. Something that has this hue.
2. Chiefly Southern U.S. The yolk of an egg.

3. Western U.S. Gold. Used formerly by prospectors.

Gold and radiant energy are 2 ways it is thought of.
Radiant energy can take a wide variety of forms; that says a lot to me and it sounds so ethereal. Like an energy so powerful it is emitted in light rays : )
What do you think of when yellow is said?
Sunshine, Happy, Bright, Joyful, Cheerful,
Yellow Bunnies cake?

Yellow Flowers?

More Yellow Flowers?
Are own special star:

The planet Venus is seen by NASA's TRACE satellite, at the start of its transit across the sun on June 8, 2004. What an amazing photograph!!!
The Sun has been out there in all it's glory; heating our planet, making our crops grow and just making us feel good basking in it's light.
A Yellow Lab puppy?

Corn on the Cob?

A Yellow painted Bedroom?

Yellow frosted cookies?

Colors are such a cool way to bring out happiness.
I too like the color yellow as it makes me think of Holland and France.
Holland for the fields of Yellow Tulips
the meadows of Yellow wild flowers in France are both breath taking.
When I stood in Vincent van Gogh's museum in Amsterdam and gazed upon his painting Sunflowers it was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life!!!

Tina: Wanted to let you know I like the color Yellow too : )

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to a Wonderfully Wacky Wednesday
Today is is kind of over cast in Sunny Southern California.
It reminds me of normal weather in San Francisco : )
I like the word:
[Latin exsdre : ex-, ex- + sdre, to sweat; see sweid- in Indo-European roots.]
1. To discharge or emit (a liquid or gas, for example) gradually.
2. To exhibit in abundance
The definition I am thinking of is:

to seem to have (a quality or feeling) to a great degree:
Exude Confidence

I like people/persons that exude satisfaction, happiness and plain old joy : )
As I travel along this avenue called Bloglandia {Blogville} or whatever name you have given to this experience.
I visit blogs that are happy, sad, sparkly, bourgeoisie {I love the soun
d of this word},
intelligent, crafty, having love for their favorite animals, flowers, fleurs, free help for those challenged in creating their blog as they want the world to see {I am one of the
aforementioned persons : )}, baking, cooking, sewing, antiquing, garage sales online, tutorials {I particularly enjoy these blogs as they gladly share their expertize in a field}, Spiritual & Religious, and we all know the list thankfully goes on and on and on. The pink sites, the Robin egg blue, the colorful, the quiet, the normal, the eccentric, so it is like walking under the umbrella of a shiny new rainbow
and yes
there is a pot of gold at the end

we are so fortunate to have access to friends across the glo is so cool to think of the time difference; it is currently 11:42 am here on the West coast of the USA; 8:42 pm in France, 9:43 am in Hawai'i and already tomorrow: 4:43am Thursday (EST) - in Canberra, Australia. Isn't that amazing that we are in touch with one another and it is totally another continent in another time on another day!!! That is so the big deal to me : )
To me, the Pot 'of Gold are all of the friends we have made and are making on this journey.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hellooooooooooo : )
It certainly has been a wonderful past couple of days/weeks.
Got to see a friend, Lanie, I had not seen in a few years. And per usual she is in great spirits. During the space of time we were out of contact she had her thyroid removed and her health is much better.
Words are such a beautiful medium to communicate with others. Just think if we were unable to communicate verbally. The lyrics that we listen to in romantic love ballads, inspirational songs by the likes of Buffy Saint Marie, Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell, Bob Dylan etc., the songs that make us Happy, songs that bring tears to our eyes, songs that make us remember being a little girl {mine is How Much is That Doggie in the Window by Patti Page from 1953 (I was 3 or 4) I am not sure when I first recognized the song but one of my sister's had it on a 33 1/3 album. It was a treat to be able to listen to it}

There is so much we can share, give, understand and just plain old communicate with words. Written, spoken, sung and using sign language. We are so fortunate!!!
My word for Tuesday is TERRIFIC.
I know, everyone knows terrific means super, great and wonderful. Very good or fine; splendid; Awesome; astounding and I am sure there are many more superlatives you can think of to add. When I was a teenager I had a love affair with the roots of words; where they originated, what language and when.
Hence, when I looked up the word terrific I almost choked.
Latin terrificus : terrre to frighten + -ficus, -fic.
Causing terror or great fear; terrifying: a terrific wail.
Very bad or unpleasant; frightful: a terrific headache.
It is amazing to me that a word is able to express super fantastic and fear.
What do you think?

Monday, May 25, 2009


I was just sitting here, actually, a short while ago and thought about the word:
Clink on the link above and the audio web site comes up and gives a decent explanation.
I think and was wondering why do people you do not know want to control what you do?
Has that ever happened to you?
It happened to me and I was rather surprised, to say the least.
I like words; I enjoy finding out where they originate; you know, the root and the definitions. Yes, I have incorrectly used words and mis-pronounced them. This does not bother me as I will ask how to correctly enunciate it : )
When I was little to was very difficult for me to correctly say hippopotamus : ) It is a neat word and yes, I finally broke the barrier and can correctly enunciate it now.
Malaika, as a little girl said bizschetti for spaghetti : )
I still cannot enunciate ephemera correctly and thankfully I am around Nancy over at Gilding the Lily and I can {and do} ask her every time how to say it : )
This is another piece of having friends that you can totally be yourself when you are yourself : )
Like, I do NOT feel dumb because I am unable to roll ephemera off my tongue : )
G'Day to all : )

Memorial Day Monday

Memorial Day Monday
I have NOT moved yet yet soon : )
I am spending today with my youngest pregnant daughter; she is so pregnant I am going to help clean and stuff at ehr apartment. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her.
I saw her and my oldest daughter when I came back from visiting a friend in Merced who had a her thyroid removed. That is a hard drive as I am older now :: ( Yes, in the dark I have blurry and double vision while I drive. From Orange County to Los Angeles to Canoga Park to the 118 East {I accidentally took the 118 West and ended up in Ventura before I figured out I was going the wrong way} so that added 2 hours to my drive time : ( then to the 405 North to the 5 North to the old 99 North {whew} to Merced and on the way back to Fowler then back on the old 99 South, stop to buy a Subway Sandwich, to the 5 South to the 405 towards Santa Monica to the 118 East to my daughters in Canoga Park to visit with Shana & Malaika {also, I had left my sandals there and had to retrieve them} to the 101 South to the the 110 South to go to sleep : )
David dropped me off this morning at Malaika's and I am sitting here trying to blog with no guilt as I should be up cleaning : )
Well, that guilt is creeping up : ) so I am leaving Bloglandia.
Everyone have a super day and talk to you later.
peace carole

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day in the Life : )

My previous post shows how man has found natural products will help solve and remedy many problems. I grew up with a love of Ancient Chinese & Egyptian cultures. Imagine they began remedies that are validated in the 20th & 21st centuries. I was fortunate in that I grew up in a small rural town {Fowler} in the Central Valley of California. The family who lived next door to my home were Chinese from China {they brought with them their language, cultural, and history}; they had no children my age but the wife spoke English better than myself. She tolerated the skinny, inquisitive girl next door : )
The screen on her back door had a bell on it and when I heard it jingle I would run over there. We had 2 things in common regarding property: 1 was a guava tree that was on their property yet when it was laden with fruit I got permission from her to pick the fruit and my Mom and I would make jelly and we had a Willow tree by our driveway and I would sit under the lacy branches and read or daydream plus I could hear her screen door bell very clearly sitting there. Oh, we had no fences or walls (she may have wished she had a piece of the Great Wall of China : )

Actually she would call to me to taste food she would prepare for her husband's dinner. Talk about I was HAPPY!!! She would spend hours and days preparing hand made rice cakes for Chinese New Year and I was the official taster. So, she would let me do dishes and it was fun because I first saw her hand wrought spider ladles made from brass. Ingenious tool; I still use a version to this day.

Her husband and she would sit out on the back porch, in the cool of the evening relating ways of life in China and America. They let me touch real Kimono's and spoke of their Mother Land with much love.

Her was red and a fuchsia pink silk embroidered fabric. To me it was the height of fashion and oh so beautiful. Remember I was a little girl and what little girl doesn't like bright jewel tone colors and mystery : )
The love Ancient Egyptology came at this age. I was given {or perhaps I begged for it} a chalk ware colorful relief bust of Nefertiti
{I literally slept under her head all of my growing up life}.

I was an original book worm {that means nerd/geek}. Library cards and book clubs were the candy of my childhood : ) So, I learned how the pyramids were built and how they used mirrors to
bring light way deep inside.

The mysteries are still just that: mysteries.
My good fortune is I grew up in a town that was culturally diverse yet all American.
Armenians (their dolmas {I use to pick grape leaves, wash them and then my friend's Mom's would pickle them}, pita bread with sesame seeds sprinkled on top {not what you find at fast food markets} and shish kabobs), Portuguese and their sausages, Italians (meat sauce that took all day simmering on top of the stove), Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and their spicy foods, Good old fashion stuffed cabbage leaves, rice and meat spiced up for the bell peppers (I have to be honest as my Dad use to say I would rather cloth you than feed you : )
Every fall in October the Fowler Fall Festival was held, back then in the 50's at the city park. One corner is 3rd Street and Merced Street which is the main street of downtown Fowler : ) They would have booths set up with every nationality selling their foods and gift items. I remember the Baptist Church was directly across the street and they would have cup cakes, nut breads and home made cookies.
There were stands of home prepared jellies, jams, canned tomato's, cucumber pickles,
succotash, fried chicken stands, with home made hot water corn bread dripping with butter and honey. If you have never had real honey from the wax comb from a beehive you have NOT tasted heaven. They would always have a raffle at the end of the day's celebration and it always got very quiet when the caller would read out the name : )
I am so glad I am still a book worm although I think Darla is outdoing me in the book department : ) It is still so very interesting learning of the cultures of others. Where we have come from, where we have been and yes, where we are going.

National Vinegar Month

I thoroughly enjoy information such as written below:

Apple Cider Benefits

How the Ancients Benefited from Vinegar

Vinegar is one of nature's great gifts to mankind, and vinegar history shows us why. It is a truly natural product. Any alcoholic beverage, whether it is made from apples, grapes, dates, rice or plain white sugar, once exposed to air, will turn naturally to vinegar. It is the ever-present bacteria in the air that converts the alcohol in cider, wine, and beer, into acetic acid, which gives vinegar its characteristic sharp sour taste. So it is safe to say that man has been exposed to vinegar since before recorded vinegar history.BabylonianRecorded vinegar history starts around 5000 BC, when the Babylonians were using the fruit of the date palm to make wine and vinegar. They used it as a food and as a preserving or pickling agent. Vinegar residues have been found in ancient Egyptian urns traced to 3000 BC. As well, recorded vinegar history in China starts from texts that date back to 1200 BC.

During biblical times, vinegar was used to flavor foods, as an energizing drink, and as a medicine, and it is mentioned in both the old and new testaments. For example, after working hard gleaning barley in the fields, Ruth was invited by Boaz to eat bread and dip it in vinegar. (Ruth 2:14) .Hippocrates In ancient Greece, around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for a variety of ills, including coughs and colds.
Military Benefits
Vinegar history provides many examples of this liquid's usefullness to everyday soldiers. Diluted vinegar has been used as a strengthening and energizing tonic by the military throughout the ages. Roman soldiers called this refreshing drink "posca", and used it regularly as did the Japanese samurai. The addition of vinegar to drinking water had the additional benefit of killing any infectious agents that might have been present.
Throughout history the antiseptic nature of vinegar has been used to clean and disinfect soldiers wounds and thus speed up wound healing. Apple cider vinegar was used to this effect during the American civil war and as late as world war one.
Vinegar's dissolving power was put to use by the Carthaginian general Hannibal when he crossed the Alps with elephants to invade Italy in 218 BC. Vinegar was poured over hot boulders to crumble them and allow his troops to march through.
Louis XIII of France (1601-1643) is reported to have paid 1.3 million francs for the vinegar used to cool the cannons of his army during just one of his many battles. Vinegar, when applied to the hot iron cannons not only cooled them but helped clean the surface metal while inhibiting rust formation.During the Middle Ages vinegar, along with an abrasive material such as sand, was used to clean and polish flexible mail armor.
Vinegar History has Revealed Some Surprising Uses
Cleopata Around 40 BC legend has it that Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, won a wager with the roman general Mark Anthony, when after a lavish meal, she dissolved a priceless pearl in vinegar and then drank the resulting solution. By doing this she proved that she could provide a feast for the two of them that would cost a fortune!
Vinegar was well known to the European alchemists of the Middle Ages. By pouring it over lead, they made a sweet tasting substance they called "sugar of lead", which was used well into the nineteenth century to smooth and sweeten a harsh cider. Unfortunately lead acetate is also very poisonous and it caused the early death of many a European cider drinker. (Vinegar should never be stored in metallic containers made from lead, copper, or iron nor in crystal glass, which contains a high level of lead.)
From 1347 to 1771 many European cities were repeatedly hit by the bubonic plague. It is estimated that about 50 million people died in all Bubonic Plague from this disease which was spread from rats to man by infected fleas.
In 1721, the Bubonic Plague hit many French cities so hard that all the dead could not be decently buried.To cope with this situation, the French authorities released condemned convicts from prison to help bury the highly infectious corpses.
According to legend, while most died, one team of four convicted thieves managed to survive by drinking daily large amounts of vinegar infused with garlic. As a result vinegar steeped in garlic is still sold today as four thieves vinegar.
By holding vinegar soaked sponges to their noses, European aristocrats of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were able to ward off the noxious odors of outdoor garbage and raw sewage.
Small silver boxes called vinaigrette's were used to carry these sponges and they were also stored in special compartments in the heads of walking canes.
In 1394, a group of French vintners developed a continuous method for making vinegar called the Orleans method. In this method, oak barrels were used as fermentation vessels and the vinegar was siphoned off through a spigot at the bottom of the barrel. About 15% of the vinegar was left behind which contained the "mother of vinegar" and its concentrated bacteria floating on top. A new batch of cider or wine was carefully added to the barrel and was quick started by the remaining vinegar.
The French vintners formed a guild of master vinegar makers, and using this Orleans method, they were better able to supply the lucrative vinegar market.
The vinegar industry in Europe flourished during the renaissance and many flavored vinegars were made with various spices, herbs, fruits and even flowers. By the eighteenth century there were over one hundred varieties of infused vinegars available.
I found this entire article on:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cats are so cool..Nip, Gracie, Melissa & Madison

Nip and Gracie these 2 girls know all about you and yes, they may be a tad jealous : )
I have to make an appointment for my pregnant daughter's kitty to get spayed. Her name (the cat) is Melissa; she has one green eye and one blue eye. She is a sister to Madison who has both eyes of blue. They both have 6 toes and the biggest paws I have ever seen. I always tell Melissa to give 6 instead of the normal High 5 : ) They are both snow white, short haired girls & they have just a little streak of grey on the top of their heads. I am used to my cats growing and being full figured : ) These 2 girls
are rather lean.
Here they are: Melissa is on the left being squeezed/hugged by Madison; actually I think Melissa is asleep and Madison is being protective of her sister.

I will add photos when Malaika (my pregnant almost 31 year old daughter/the baby : )
I am waiting on her to e-mail me some photos of Melissa & Madison. I was able to make 2 appointments for them to be spayed on June 16th which I was very fortunate to secure. It turns out I was able to make 2 appointments ans Malaika went along with it; Melissa is the only one that has big problems when she comes into heat and Madison is less mature although they are 2 of 3 sisters born in a litter; are they triplets are just 3 sisters?
Now please look closely at this photo; Melissa is on the left and Madison on the right. Look closely into Melissa's eyes. Her right eye is light green and her left eye is light blue. Madison has 2 light green eyes.

They are good girl kitties and girlie : )

This is a photo of them playing on Malaika's living room sofa
{I think you can tell Malaika loves her cats} Yes, the M should be a hint : ) Her kitty girls and her first baby daughter on the way in August : )

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Friday & a shout out to my new Friend TINA!!!

First I would like to give a shout out to my new Friend Tina!!!
I love them and they are good for farmers. I like their colors; red, orange, grey, black & yellow. I had a light orange one land on me the other day and have personally seen the red, orange, yellow and grey ones.
I am appreciative of the ladies I have met in Bloglandia!!! I was conversing with a new friend and come to find out I am not the only looking for creative souls to relate too : ) I am so lucky in that I am always finding a new shop, a pretty piece of vintage fabric, a ton of vintage brass findings, that I cannot live without : )
I also had a talk with my Friend Constance over at Rochambeau regarding Blogging politeness and she put it succinctly:
It's good to try to get back either by leaving a comment or an email. But, for some people it's impossible
Okay. I am understanding a little bit better.
I wondered, I asked and I received an answer.
I like frogs too.

Frogs take me back to my childhood. In the country part of California one of the main crops are the grape vineyards; the irrigation canals {they use to be ditches} water them. As kids we would swim in them as the temperatures were in the 100 + degrees. My Dad use to call me a Blackfoot meaning my feet were always covered in dirt and mud from walking barefoot : ) I thought I was part Indian. I would come home with an old Folger's coffee tin filled with the ditch water and polliwogs. I got to keep them and watch them grow into frogs. It was (and still is) amazing to see them. They are almost translucent and then the tails drop off and next thing you know, they are little frogs. My Mom's home has about a quarter of an acre and the backyard was fruit trees, 2 grape vines, a garden and plenty of room for the pets I had : ) My Dad & Mom were so cool I even had a gopher in an old tin washing tub : ) Did you ever go out in the yard with an old kitchen butter knife and dig out Dandelions? I did : ) I remember my Mom {she will be 100 in June} out in her rose garden, wearing her pedal pushers (I remember there is a difference between them and capris) using her hand trowel around their roots adding organic fertilizer. She had quite the beautiful rose garden. I was not into them. I was usually hanging upside down from a Walnut tree branch watching : ) There were 2 huge walnut trees in the back yard; one on either side of the brick barbecue pit. She loved anything that would grow in nature. Lilac bushes growing alongside the house where my bedroom windows were located, her rose garden in the rear of the house where my other bedroom windows were, hydrangea bushes on both sides of the front porch, beautiful tall purple irises growing along another side of the house. Then I think my favorite was the trellis that had sweet peas growing so fluidly. There was a guava tree that was half on and half off our property {actually I think the tree was on the neighbors side the branches, heavily laden with the ripe fruit, hung on our side. Yes, I got permission first before I picked them} that we shared with the Chinese family that lived next door. I love guava's. There flavor is a sweet pear pineapple task. My Mom use to let me pick them and help her make guava jelly. Quit the treat when I was little : )


In December of 2009 I had bought an issue of
Artful Blogging by Stampington.
In fact the issue I am referring to is:
Winter of 2009

It is a beautiful {keeper} magazine. I remember reading some of the hints bloggers gave for everyone.
I have been blogging for over 2 years; sometimes I have gone months due to what is happening (or not) in my life. But the one thing I always thought was important:
If a person took the time to leave a comment on one of my posts it was polite to respond.
I learned a big thing when I was in the beginning. I almost died and I did cry for the mistake I made. I made a comment on a blog and did NOT know that if you went backwards it would re-post every time on the person's blog. Oh, my. She wrote to me and asked who was I and why was I bombarding her blog? I wanted to crawl under the carpet. I explained and she was quite hospitable to me after that horrible incident. Well, although I am a mature, older female I am really sensitive : ) I am shy and sometimes people think because of my age and my size I am not vulnerable. I was 5'9" until my spine surgery on October 5th, 2007...I am now almost 5'7" yet my demeanor is still of the tall woman I once was. It is hard for me to talk on a telephone unless I know you; I become tongue tied and almost stutter,
yet, since I cannot see the person's face or watch their body language I feel at odds.
I am able to write a beautiful letter and I enjoy the written word as it is an easy tool for expressing myself.
So, why do people that post on their blog not respond either by reciprocating on the person's blog or a quick thank you via e-mail? Am I missing something here?
I think it is a matter of respect and polite.
I understand if you are busy you cannot fit it in immediately; yet why are you too busy to acknowledge a fan or a person saying how nice you painted something or what neat old vintage purse you found at a flea market, or what a lovely photograph you posted?
I found a neat site:
It is interesting and a worthwhile read.
I am 60 (yeah : ), mature and have old fashion values. Like if someone sends something home with you in their dish; it is proper to wash it and place some candy or a what not in it when it is returned.
Thank you notes?
Oh, yes. I make mine when I am able and when I am not I find a nice one to adequately express my sentiments and try to make it as artful as possible. I think it is how it makes you feel being thoughtful and kind : )
When the

Spring 2009 issue of Stampington's came out I was unable to find it anywhere as it flew off of the Book store shelves immediately. I am not a fou fou {foo foo} or pink person yet I have met and taken a workshop by one of the ladies who was highlighted in it. But for her kindness I would never have managed to get a copy.
Yes, the wonderful
DeDe Warren!!!
Click on her name and read what she had to say about the Marie issue I am speaking of. She is delightful, talented and has a quick wit about her. She inspired me to read about Marie Antoinette; I checked a book out of the library and it was quite interesting.
I suppose using this blog to air my feelings is a good thing : )

Cooking Shrimp with lemons

What calms me?
Cooking : )
I bought these shrimp yesterday in their shells. Yes, I love to take the shells off and de-vein them as I think the flavor is more intense.
These shrimp had nice thin shells and I also always leave the tails on as I think it gives
them a certain flair : )
I will cook them in the juice Meyers lemons, fresh cracked pepper, garlic and butter. There will not be a lot of butter as I will actually saute them in olive oil and use the butter to thicken the lemon juice into sauce.
This is more fun than worrying about moving : )
I will add more photos as I progress.
I am going to make fried rice with egg, onion, garlic, and 5 spices; then place the shrimp and lemon butter sauce over it.

I tend to waste my seasoning yet I think I am a conductor in my kitchen and relish the free movements I can make.

I diced up very tiny green bell pepper with the lemons; sauteed the shrimp in olive oil with some butter.

I just had to take this close up photo because they really did turn out delicious.

What calms/soothes you?
Cooking, baking, beading, sewing, reading?