Friday, May 25, 2012

Good morning Bloglandia!
I had a wonderful day yesterday. Two of the sweetest, lovable, and well mannered Shih tzu's came to my home via a neighbor that was trying to find their owner. She was unable to keep them until the owner showed up because dhe has a huge family pet dog. So we said sure we will watch the in the mean time. Well, I put them in my sweet convertible VW and we drove through our community of Spring Valley Lake here in Victorville, CA. They loved riding around in the fresh air : )
They got to do a sleep over. Of course, we fed them and made sure they had plenty of fresh water to drink. We made lots of community friends as I drove around our little village asking if they looked familiar as I knocked on doors and asked people about the two little girls : ) 
This is Miss Daisy above.
This is Miss Sparky.
They were fantastic over night guests : )
This morning at 7:00am I put them in the back seat of my little car below:
We were on our way to go buy some doggie treats and more food. As we were driving up the hill a young man asked me if I had seen his two beloved Shih tzu's and I said they are in the back seat. He was thrilled so I told him lead the way and we would follow him to their home. It was only 2 blocks away. Miss Daisy was happy to climb into his arms. Miss Sparky sat right next to me and did not want to get out : ) 
Well, it was a fun adventure and I miss them already.
Have a wonderful day!