Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Always happy and great to post : )
Lil Malaika is relaxing in her pink bath tub : )
Mom, do you have to take so many pictures?
This picture below is Lil Malaika playing around and not wanting to get dressed.
I titled it:
"Casting Call for the Flying Nun"
It certainly is simply wonderful being her Gram : )
Yes, I still need to buy her Mommy a digital camera.
Shana (Big Sister) and I are going to look for one, hopefully this weekend.
My spine surgery was postponed a second time. First time was because my
blood tests were not finished. This time and emergency operation took
precedence (which I totally understand) and Monday is a holiday.
So, patience, from me is required until Friday February 19th.
I want to have the surgery so I can recuperate and start living 
a more normal, pain free life again. 
I am looking forward to fun stuff, sewing and being creative : )
Have a wonderful week end and be Happy!!!
I just came across the
lovliest cupcake blog.
Her name is Nicole and her blog is:
Dotty About Cake
Absolutely lovely!!!
It is about 8:30 am here in Southern California. It is time for my bowl of oatmeal with organic raw blue agave nectar
and I would so much rather be eating one three, of her delightful treats!!!