Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank you for your well wishes and continued support!!!

Life is good
Here is Malaika cruzing the living room floor in her pink rubber duckie : )
I stayed at Malaika's for the 1st week after discharged from the hospital.
Here she is playing with her yellow rubber duckie.
She is chubby yet the doctor said she is not over weight.
She is strapped into her car seat going to her christening. 
Yes, she already likes pearls and bling in her hair : )
Babies are the most precious and dearest!!!
A bit about me:
My neurosurgeon was absolutely wonderful; straight to the point and did NOT sugar coat anything!!! I sincerely appreciate his honesty.
My spine is for want of a better analogy like hard jello and wobbly. Before this year is gone I will go in for my 3rd surgery and a metal rod will be screwed in to stave off the degeneration. It is a stop gap measure yet should give me another 4 or 5 years being able to walk albeit with my jazzy walker. 
I am NOT complaining as I am so grateful to be standing up straight again!!!
Before surgery I was walking stooped over like I had done hard labor all of my life.
Life is going as it should and I am happy!!!
I sincerely appreciate all the care, concern and well wishes from you and as soon as I can sit at this computer I will come and say a personal thank you to all!!!
Right now it is doctor's, labs and housing that I am concentrating on : )
I am a busy bee : )
Hi everyone; this is me today : )
Take care.
Much love and peace to all!!!