Monday, November 16, 2009

Jan at Bobby Pins Boardwalk Blog is having a Give Away

This is a bowl of Hedge Apples. I had seen them in magazines but now I (we) have a chance to win them in Jan's Quicky Give Away!!! Please click on the link and join in on the fun. It is over on Wednesday November 18th, so do not be late.

Here they are in the woods. Click on the photographs
you will go straight to the Give Away blog!!!
I wish I lived close by so I could pick them up too : )


  1. we called them horse apples down in texas - when i was growing up -

    cool give-a-way!


  2. You are so sweet to mention the giveaway. It was quite an adventure getting these babies. It's a story I'm going to share because it was a wonderful adventurous day! My computer is acting very stubborn today, so I'm borrowing this one, but wanted to make sure I came over to say "hey"! Your block continues to look wonderful and I always enjoy your visits!

  3. I forgot to tell you -- make sure you post another comment in the giveaway comments because you mentioned the contest on your blog. Each comment gives you an entry (one comment for being a follower, one comment for mentioning the giveaway on your blog.) Thanks!

  4. Hmmm, I am going to have to go over and check this out. I was curious what these "horse apples" were.

  5. Carole,
    I love the note you left me about the North End! Such a warm wonderful story!! Those Italian Mama's are God's angels on Earth! You need to share some of Mama Lozito's tips and recipes!! What a gift she was to you!! Thank you so very much for sharing your story!! It made me feel all happy inside!!
    Mama Holli
    Love the Horse Apples!! :)

  6. My sweet friend Carole I hope your better and not in as much pain. I do think of you often and I love when you write me it is just so much fun to hear from you.
    Hope your day was good. I do hope you win these they are really nice.
    Stay in touch I always need your notes

  7. I adore hedge apples. When I lived in the midwest I could pick them and I always had one in each room...great inscect/sider repellant. What a great idea for a giveaway. I do hope I win one.

  8. Carole, We have hedge apples here in Ohio..
    My Mama would pick them put them in the basement to keep spiders away.
    fun give-away..
    Blessings ~ Mary~ :-}

  9. OK Carole I know I joined your site a while back but this morning I was not on your followers list. I know that I do crazy things but I am almost positive I joined you. Can they disappear. lol
    Anyway I miss talking to you
    Hope your not in pain
    Big Texas Hugs to you

  10. Carole - thanks for directing me to your blog! I love it!

  11. My friend I wish you a very Blessed Thanksgiving. I know the new baby will add so much to yours.....Hugs......m...

  12. Thanks for the note Carole! You're the ultimate :)
    (I have a long hedgeapple story...4 another time :)but his name was CHIP DICK and I'm not kidding...

  13. I haven't thought about hedgeapples for years and years. My Momma used to have us collect them and we put one in each room to keep down bugs? I don't know if that was an old wives tale or if it really works. (We did not ever have bugs anyway)