Saturday, November 21, 2009


Good Morning
It is a bright & chilly {45 degrees} outside; I sit on the balcony and drink coffee as it gives me thoughts of the bistro's on the Left Bank in Paris.
I use to sit out there and drink black coffee (Not Americano) and hold the mug/bowl tightly to keep my fingers warm. The gaiety even in the Artic freezing cold was so rejuvenating : )
I never saw an unhappy face. Faces in deep thought, concentration, heated & serious conversations, secretive yet never unhappy. I would have my legs wrapped around a chair leg and chewing on a croissant (actually savoring it while it melted in my mouth) and gazing at all of the life around me. The birds pecking at the ground for tidbits.
I am recuperating from the flu; went to the doctor Tuesday morning to see my Urologist; appointment cancelled as she had an emergency to tend too so I rescheduled and went to my orto-Spine doctor and rescheduled an appointment there. Around 1:00 pm I threw up : (
I got on the bus to get back to my daughter's in Canoga Park and it was all I could do to sit upright. I finally got into her apartment and continued throwing up. I was so tired and my muscles ached terribly. I stayed in bed, literally for 2 whole days sleeping off and on. all I could ingest was water. Thursday evening I could finally sit up yet it hurt. I attempted to answer some e-mails and could not stay upright.
Today, I am grateful to sit here and be able to converse : )
I went to the market to buy some items for Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to bake a turkey breast as both of my daughter's like just the white meat. Malaika, the new Mommie, asked for her Nana's okra, tomato and corn dish so I will prepare that for her. I will make the cornbread stuffing, fresh green beans and fresh baked sweet potatoes. Malaika does not like sweets so no baked pies this year as Shana, the healthful one, does not use processed sugars and I am not into Stevia yet. Shana will make the cheesy macaroni and cheese as we all enjoy that. We are making the dinner {I am; Shana will prepare her things at Malaika's} and taking it to her sister's in Los Angeles so the 3 of us can be delighted in the company of Lil Malaika on her first Thanksgiving : )
I am so glad to be able to sit and say hi to all.
Now, I am going to be even more productive and go to my etsy shop and list some vintage brass finding's.
Everyone have a lovely day!!!
Much happiness and peace!!!
P.S. Something happened and my favorite blogs disappeared off my main page : ( I cannot think right now and figure out how to get them back. Theya re still on my About Me page. Sometimes Blogspot mystifies me : )


  1. Hi Carole, hope you are feeling better soon dear. I want to visit your Etsy shop but cannot find the link. Could you send it over to me on my blog in the comments for the latest post so I can visit?

  2. Oh dear! I so hope that you are feeling better right quick! This flu sucks! I keep on waiting to start feeling better. You just make everything sound so magical, except for the puking part. I hope that you have a great time on turkey day. It sounds like you are going to have lots of good food! Your dinner sounds wonderful. Take lots of pics of lil Malaika on her first. Can't wait to see some new pics of her. I bet she is getting big!

  3. I was so happy when I clicked on your site and you add left a post telling us about you and if you were better. Carole you better take it easy that flu is nothing to mess around with.
    I thought about just doing the turkey breast myself since most all of us eat white but I have never fixed one. Are they just as easy as doing a turkey.
    I hope you stay well and take care of yourself.
    Oh if I can I may try to post on Sunday night about the homemade sale I was mentioning on my blog. I tried to explain it a little better tonight. Not sure I did.
    Going to bed...Early rise tomorrow

  4. Oh dear sweet Carole so sorry to read you have not been feeling good. Yuck :-(
    Glad todays better for you..
    You are having weather like us in Ohio.. but today it will get to 58 here yippee!
    Yesterday I sat outside & read it was in the upper 40s sunny but a bit cold.
    You hang in there and take care.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you..
    Hugs, love and prayers, ~Mary~ :-}

  5. Hey Carole
    Just checking on you to see how you are feeling. You can email too when you feel like talking at
    Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment for me. YOU are the best.
    I guess my next post will be about the candy drawing or maybe announcing the winner. I wish you lots of luck.
    It took me a long while today to make out the entries. Especially all the ones like you that had so many entries. lol
    What fun and so many lovely ladies have contacted me it is just mind blowing.
    Take care and have a very Happy Thanksgiving/
    I made my dressing this morning and will leave in the morning for my daughters in Austin. Taking the turkey with me and will cook it there.

  6. Hello C! How are you feeling this week? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I hope you weren't still sick :(
    Hugs to you and wishes for a terrific December!