Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday computer malfunctions

Hello and cheers to all:
I am on my way to take my computer to the repair guys as I have some spyware and malware that is shutting my computer down : (
See everyone in a couple of days!!!
I got my chocolate fudge from Grandma Yellow Hair's give away and it is so delicious; my daughter, Shana, said it is too good. Like addictive good!!!
Will write about it and other stuff when my computer is well again.
I miss everyone already!!!


Love, Peace and Big Cheer for this wonderfulChristmas!!!


  1. Oh Carole...I love addictive good!!! So sorry to hear about your very sick computer, I think mine is coming down with something as It gets slower and slower and slower.
    I am so thankful for your sweet words about my blog. I am so thrilled that you enjoy coming by to see me and how I do love your visits!!!
    See you soon friend.

  2. We already miss you and your sweet spirit....hugs...m.

  3. Don't you just hate it when the computer acts up?! Mine has been so sluggish the past month or so, that I haven't been on it as much because I get too frustrated! Luckily, yours will be good as new - in the meantime, you are missed greatly!
    Sharon and Miss Gracie :-)

  4. Carole, Did you ever get to wear your bracelet again? I hope your computer is fixed and working perfect soon. It is kinda' like getting ill anyhow it makes ME ill when the dumb thing doesn't
    Have a wonderful Christmas time...Sharon

  5. Thank you Carole for the sweet compliment about my fudge. So glad everyone liked it and it made there ok.
    I am going to have another giveaway in the near future. Toooooo busy with the new Ranch Hand right now. hahahahahahahahaha

  6. Hi sweet Carole, I'm so sorry I haven't been by in a little while, it's just that I've really been sad lately missing my Stevie. This time of year is especially hard for me & my family. Please know that I have been thinking of you and you have been in my prayers. I do hope so much that you are feeling better.
    Hope you and your precious family are enjoying the beauty of the season. Take care sweet one.
    Love & Hugs, Carol Anne

  7. I hope you're computers back up and running Carole! If not, I hope you're having fun with that grand daughter and enjoying the fudge with those daughters of yours!

  8. Carole I have been worried about you. I hope you are okay. Please let me know.
    I am getting ready for another candy giveaway. hahahahaha I hope you enjoyed yours.

  9. I'm thinking my computer will need to go to the doctor soon before we have to take it to the ER...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the birthday wishes!

  10. Hope your computer is fixed pronto!

    Merry Christmas Carole!


  11. Oh I hope your computer is all fixed! It's so difficult to be without our computer. Eeeek!

    But since you were able to come to my blog and make a comment, I hope it is fixed.

    Thank you so much for your understanding comment. I know my personal views are not very popular in what I call "Pretty Blog Land." :-) It seems that most ladies in "PBL" are very, very Christian. And that is fine. They have the right to believe what they believe, as does everyone. But sometimes, they sound as if... If others do not believe as they do, they are damned or something. And that irritates me.

    Each of us has the right to follow our own path and no one has the right to tell us, what path to follow. Thankfully, that is still so, in our Beloved Country.

    So after reading and reading and reading so many Christian views on this Season, I just kind of burst out and gave my own personal views. Mine. Only mine. No one has to agree. I am not pushing my views, on anyone else. :-)

    Lots of gentle hugs to you, for being so kind as to comment.