Sunday, October 18, 2009


This morning I read the most beautiful posting from this blog:
Why "Laughing With Angels"
Please read this ladies heart rendering post
the tears flowed from me even on the 2nd reading.
I had to go and look up 'Angelman Syndrome'
There is a wealth of information on the Internet.
  It is NOT that unknown.
I wrote the lady who's blog I am referring you to and asked her
permission to post it here. She was kind enough to tell me yes : )
Sometimes, I complain about all of my maladies and then I read about
a wonderful woman and her family. I am pulled up short and know how lucky
and fortunate to meet people of this caliber on our blogs : )

This brown curly haired bow Angel makes me think of her son!!!
He has his Angel with him!!!
When I read passages about women of this caliber it makes my heart swell!!!
So, this beautiful day I dedicate to June. She is wonderful!!!
How nice Bloglandia is!!!
Thank you for sharing with us, June!!!
Love and Peace to everyone


  1. Hi Sweet Carole, Oh what a heart touching post June brought tears to my eyes. She is truly such a strong, compassionate and beautiful person. Blessings to you and to her.
    Love & Hugs, Carol Anne

  2. Carole,
    Thank you for sharing this lovely lady June and her sweet son Landon with us.
    I understand a bit of what she has gone through.
    To all who have healthy children PLEASE take a second to thank God and count your blessings...
    Kind friend I hope you are doing well.
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~ :-}

  3. A beautiful photo of two beautiful people. You must be bustin's your buttons when you look at that :-)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week and getting lots of time to hold that baby.

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