Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Always happy and great to post : )
Lil Malaika is relaxing in her pink bath tub : )
Mom, do you have to take so many pictures?
This picture below is Lil Malaika playing around and not wanting to get dressed.
I titled it:
"Casting Call for the Flying Nun"
It certainly is simply wonderful being her Gram : )
Yes, I still need to buy her Mommy a digital camera.
Shana (Big Sister) and I are going to look for one, hopefully this weekend.
My spine surgery was postponed a second time. First time was because my
blood tests were not finished. This time and emergency operation took
precedence (which I totally understand) and Monday is a holiday.
So, patience, from me is required until Friday February 19th.
I want to have the surgery so I can recuperate and start living 
a more normal, pain free life again. 
I am looking forward to fun stuff, sewing and being creative : )
Have a wonderful week end and be Happy!!!
I just came across the
lovliest cupcake blog.
Her name is Nicole and her blog is:
Dotty About Cake
Absolutely lovely!!!
It is about 8:30 am here in Southern California. It is time for my bowl of oatmeal with organic raw blue agave nectar
and I would so much rather be eating one three, of her delightful treats!!!


  1. Hi Carole! Oh my gosh... What darling photos of Lil M.. How she makes me smile!!! Please keep the photos coming. Glad Mama will be getting a digital camera soon. You are the just the very BEST Grammy and Mama!
    Sorry your surgery was postponed again.
    Hang in there.
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  2. Hi Carole,
    That is one BE-utiful baby girl!!!

    All my best wishes and prayers for
    a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
    Take care and take it one day at a time.


  3. Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to you, my dear! What fabulous photos of baby Malaika, so darn cute. I hope you are enjoying your day today. The surgery is almost here, so soon you will be good as new again. Sending Valentine love and kisses your way today.
    Sharon :-)

  4. Oh my goodness Carole, what a darling little sweetheart your granddaughter is!!! I agree with Mary, every time I see her pictures she makes me smile!!! :)
    Your blog looks gorgeous!! :)
    Happy Heart's Day to you too sweet friend!! :)
    Love & Hugs, Carol Anne

  5. Oh she is a cutie patootie! She just gets cuter and cuter! Love that little smile!

    I will definitely be thinking of you on the 19th. I will hope that all goes well for you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers though sweet lady!

  6. What a little angel she is. I've missed you! I transferred some of the blogs over to the google reader, but found I didn't like that as well. This is much more personal, so I'm not back to following! I hope you had a wonderful valentine's day!

  7. Hello sweet Carole
    I have been wondering how you are and I hate your surgery has been put off again. Lets pray soon you will have all this behind you.
    Your right it is nothing better than being a grandma. Love your precious pictures.
    Take care friend

  8. Also -- I hadn't thought about the flying nun for the longest time (haha). I use to wish I were her.

  9. What Sweet pics!!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery & saying prayers for you for tomorrow. Stop by my blog when you have time....I would love to have you!!

  10. You're in my prayers for an easy and speedy surgery and recovery, Carole!

  11. Oh what a sweet baby - you are so right, being a Grandma is so special. Nothing quite like it,
    Good Luck with your surgery

  12. ALOHA Carole,
    so fun to have you stop by and visit! Hawaii living is truly a blessing, not sure how long we get to stay but I am enjoying it.
    I think your baby girl is just precious!!! doesn't get cuter than her...
    looking forward to stopping in again
    all my Aloha

  13. Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog!
    My blog is in norwegian. I am a artist and a teacher in arts and craft. You can see my own work onmy wesite:
    Best wishes for the weekend from Norway to you!

  14. Adorable photos so sorry about surgery...thank you for inspiring comment!

  15. Hi Carole
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
    The girls think you're the bomb :)

  16. Carole, I keep thinking about you... Hope everything is going Ok...Please let me know how you are if you can please!
    Thanks so much.
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~ :-}

  17. Just checking in Carole! Hope all is well. Your grand daughter is a little pink sweetheart!

  18. Malaika is so cute!
    Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Love the cupcake blog-thanks for sharing.


  19. Carole, Sorry for being such a pest but I'm worried about you. It's been a week since your surgery and I've not heard a word about you or how things went.
    Anyone in blogland know how Carole's doing? If so Please email me
    Carole hope you are resting, in no pain, and doing well.
    You'll continue to be in my thoughts prayers!!! ~Mary~

  20. Carole, YOU ARE ALIVE!!! LOL...Yippee!!!!
    It was WONDERFUL getting your phone call yesterday (Sat. Feb 27. Thanks so much.
    I was very worried having not heard from you (or about you) in over a week after your surgery! You sounded great. Sorry you are still in the hospital and in so much pain.
    Now do as the Doctors say and take it easy and slow, do not over do it. I know you will listen this time.
    Gentle(((((hugs))))and much love! You have been through alot again..
    ~Mary~ :-}

  21. Wishing you a fast recovery. Lots of prayers are coming your way.


  22. Carole email me and let me know how you are

  23. Miss you!!! ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

  24. Carole, hoping your recovery is going better. Sorry that you were in so much pain, but at least I know what I will be faced with and can pray that I can tolerate it when I set the date for mine. Many Wishes and Prayers for a Speedy Recovery,Love and hugs,Pat :)

  25. Carole, Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Carole!
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Love ~Mary~ :-}

  26. Your grandbaby is simply too cute!

    Hope your recovery is going well...I'm just checking up on you!