Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Update about Carole~

Hello this is Mary of IsabellasCloset, a friend of Carole's
 I asked her if I could please add this post to her blog.

 Many of you are probably worried about her
 and wondering how she's doing.
 At this time she has no computer access and
 is only able to receive emails via her cell phone.

 I spoke with her Sunday she sounded good but
is in a lot of pain. She still has a long way to go.
 Even with all that's going on with her
she has the best attitude!
 God bless her.....

 When she's able to get back to her computer
 she will tell you more.

Until then please keep Carole in your thoughts and prayers.
 Thanks so much ~Mary~


  1. I am so glad that you posted this. I have thought of her every day. As always she is in my prayers too. I hope that soon she will be back online as I miss her terribly!

  2. Carole, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are missed. I'm anxious for you to get back to your computer and set us all straight again. Things just go kind of wild without you here, dear!

  3. Miss you Carole and hope you will soon be back blogging. Sending healing thoughts.


  4. Miss you Crrole and hope you are soon on the road to recovery. Is this what I have to look forward to with my surgery---well prepared is better. You can get Mary to enter you in my giveaway if you want.

    Thanks Mary for the update. Love you both, Pat

  5. I miss you Carole and you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I haven't been blogging for a little while now...so much has been going on with my Mom and me. Take good care.
    Love you~ Carol Anne xoxo

    Mary, thank you so much for letting us know how Carole is...love you too. xoxo

  6. Carole! I was wondering what had happened to you. So glad Mary posted this. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are. Hang in there, lady! The surgery is behind you so better days are ahead. Looking forward to hearing more when you are well.
    Big hugs,
    Sharon and Miss Gracie, too :-)

  7. Beautiful blog, have a nice day Radka.

  8. Carol, hope you are recovering and will soon be back blogging. Really miss you and hope to see you soon. Get well soon. Love and Hugs, Pat

  9. Hi Carole,
    You've been in my thoughts so much lately. I hope you're recoverying well and being well taken care of!

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  11. Carole, Oops..sorry I made a mistake had to delete my last comment.
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our phone conversation on Mothers Day..You are the very best...I love you!
    Hugs & many blessing ~Mary~ :-}

  12. So glad you left this update. I think of Carole often wondering how she id doing.
    I hope Carole you can return soon to the blogging world