Saturday, June 05, 2010

Good Day!!!

Good Morning to Everyone!!!
I would like to thank of you who took the time to leave me well wishes while I have been gone. Thank you sincerely!!!
Mary, thank you for taking the initiative to update my blog.
Thank you!!!
I am kind of back : )
Still dealing with health issues and glad to be able too.
Today and yesterday my daughter,  let me have Lil Miss M over and I am so thrilled.
She is, at 10 months a handful, and giving me a run for my money : )
Here she is on my unmade bed in the tutu I made her months ago.
Please notice the Bali silver ankle bracelet. She wears it all of the time.
She is crawling on the kitchen floor actually on the aqua rag rug my daughter gave me.
Okay, she is taking everything out of her diaper bag and throwing it on the floor; and I let her : ) 
I am the Grandma : )
She is walking and it is fun. My oldest daughter and I took her to the Long Beach Whole Foods Market and she had a blast. She has learned how to do the Prom Queen wave and the venue was perfect for her : )
She is delightful, happy and a joy to have around.
Before I ramble on, I had the most  pleasant experience Wednesday.
A lady bought some items out of my etsy shop.
I was so excited when I saw it was our friend Marylou!!!
Her blog is:
Marylou's Thoughts & Other Critical Matter :)
She has the most wonderful vintage/shabby/French/fou fou creations in her shop.
Stop by and see her when you want eye candy;  hers are functioning pieces that you CANNOT do without!!!
I am scheduled for my (ugh) bladder surgery on Friday June 11th. A good thing for me physically yet my Dear Friend Amy
has invited me to meet with her and some other ladies in Temecula and I will be unable to get the proverbial hug, kiss and the opportunity to take photographs with her due to the scheduled above surgery : ( 
Please click on the link above and read all about her upcoming trip to Southern California.
I am gearing up to see my wonderful neuro surgeon on June 9th and we will discuss the prognosis of the 3rd and hopefully last spine surgery I will need.The one where he will insert a metal rod and screws in my spine and hopefully the muscles and nerves will grow on and around it giving my spine the stability it really needs.
Then I "found" the nicest, positive and wonderful blog.
Her name is Lori Bei.
Please click the link and give her a holler. Just so sweet.
I have a real sincere "thing" for positive, sincere and uplifting human beings.
It keeps me on track.
I need it more than not : )
I am listing in my etsy shop and anyone interested is certainly welcome to stop by.
a Bohemian Market
Anyone that comes by and sees something they like can e-mail me {} or "convo" me through etsy and mention you read about it on my blog and I will gladly give you a 
20% discount on any merchandise you choose to buy. Mentioning it to me first will allow me to adjust the listing so 20% discount will be reflected when you buy instead of having to refund your money. 
Shipping will remain the same.
I have to learn how to put the etsy badge on this blog. 
Some things fail me : )
Take care and much happiness to all.


  1. OH it is so wonderful to hear from you! I have missed you so terribly! That baby is just GORGEOUS! She is getting so big. I just love the baby legs and with the ankle bracelet they are so irresistable. I don't know how you could be around them and not squeeze them all day!

    I will still keep you in my prayers as always. Hopefully this is the upswing to better health for you! I can't wait to hear more of what you have been up to. I am going to go and check out the etsy store.

  2. Your grand daughter is an absolute doll!! I am so sorry to hear that you are still having so much pain Carole!! I feel bad that I haven't been checking in on you. Take care of yourself. I hope your surgeries go well so that you can finally get free from pain!
    Love and hugsXOXO

  3. Just spotted your post over at Phyllis' place. So happy to see you back online.

    What a darling baby girl. Play all you can, they grow up too fast. But you know that. Our GD is 13.5 yo already and fast taking on the attributes (or not) of a teenager.

    Going to check out your shop and the links you posted.


  4. Carole, I'm glad to see you back posting. We've all missed you.
    Lil Ms M is adorable in the tutu you made her, love the colors..and the bracelet is just so precious on her!
    You will be in my thoughts & prayers on June 11 for yet another surgery. You poor Gal when will it stop for you!
    I love you...mary

  5. Hi Carole! I have one question: how can I get a tutu just like Little Miss M?? Oh darn cute is that! So nice you can spend time with that little one. Wow, one more surgery...I"m so sorry you have to go through another one. I hope this is it and you'll be good as new again. Well, it's good you can spend time with family and are back to blogging and your store. Nippy got a nail trim this morning and is quite happily cleaning her paws so she is looking her best! Of course the perfect Miss Gracie just lets me cut them and it's never a problem. How's that for my exciting news? Ha ha! You have a great week!
    Sharon :-)

  6. What a sweet baby!! More precious than I can say.

    It seems you've been on a rough journey with your health. I wish you many good things to replace what you've gone through. You are a gem of a person, did you know that?

  7. Carole you are so sweet. thanks for visiting. seeing your precious little grand daughter puts a big smile on my face. SO dang cute! Take care and I hope to see you soon!

  8. Well, missing your trials is what I get for being very bad and remiss about blog hopping. I'm so sorry to learn of your health issue, but so glad to hear your finding resolutions! And what a joy to see that grandbaby!! How delightful and beautiful!! I'm a new and first time Grandma since we connected. April 26 and I am so in love!! Makayla Rose and I'm going to visit with her again tomorrow or Friday. I'm managing about once a week as they live about 30 miles away. I'm so fortunate, I don't know how Grammies that live far away cope!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Carole, will be thinking about you and adding prayers on the 11th.

  9. Oh Carole sweet, I know you have been through so much and I was thrilled to read the message from you. I am sending huge hugs your way and wishing you the best with your upcoming surgery. Miss M just steals my heart away. My how she has grown! Don't you just wish you could convince their mother's of just how fast they grow. I am always saying that to my daughters and I somehow don't think they really understand how fast their little one will be leaving on their own.
    It is so good to see you posting again.
    Big hugs to you!!!

  10. Hello Carole, Your Granddaughter is Precious.
    I can not believe how fast they grow. I will be Praying for your surgery.I know it is a hard thing to go through, hope this time will fix it for good.I have screws and a spacer. Also have some arthritis.I guess that happens when we get this age. I should have taken better care of the old body:( Sweet Hugs, Mary:)

  11. Carole,it is so great to have you back.Wish I had your new mailing address. I think you have my email address, if not it is
    I'm so happy your back surgery went well and now praying for your surgery tomorrow. I pray everything goes well. My doctor said I was too young(60) to have mine lifted and I hate that. I am the one who is miserable,not him.
    Miss M is adorable and I can tell grandma spoils her. Praying I have another sometime soon. I know it won't be my son, but my daughter could, if not she will adopt. I still spoil the older ones, but my grandson is more into girls than granny, but my sweet Theresa still likes to hang with her granny. I bougtht her a frufru dress to play in and I will have to get a picture of that. Hope that all goes well and we hear something soon. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Honey I came by the other day but it would not let me leave a comment.
    Your darling baby is just so precious. I know you are over the moon when keeping her.
    I truly have missed you and thought of you often wondering how your doing.
    Sorry you have been going through so much pain. I too turned down the pain pills at first until they convinced me it was the only way my back would heel with rest and without the pills I would not rest or could not.
    Hope you back and so glad you stopped by to visit me.
    Email me when you have a moment

  13. What a beautiful little ballerina! My niece is expecting her baby daughter in about 5-6 weeks. We are thrilled!