Saturday, August 06, 2011

Good Morning 1 year late : )

     Good Morning Everyone:
Wow, it is going to be interesting coming back to Bloglandia after an absence of more than one year.
Much has transpired with me; surgeries, moved to the high desert (the heat is killing me), I am enjoying a studio inside of a garage (I actually have half the garage for my arts and crafts : ), I get to cook for my best friend's 94 year old mom and it is fun since I love to cook and she says she loves to eat the food : ). 
My youngest granddaughter turned 2 on July 29th and she is the best!!!
She is wearing her tutu I made her for her special day. What a joy she is for me : )
My youngest daughter, Malaika holding her daughter (my 4th grandchild), Malaika II, on her 2nd birthday. Malaika's friend, Jeri, is a fantasy face painter at Universal City Walk in North Hollywood and she painted Mimi's face. I love her artistic abilities and patience with children!!! 
I am the proverbial happy and proud grandma/mam ma/granny whatever name you want to put on it : )
Well, my friends, thank you for coming by and I will be back : )


  1. Carole honey if I had a nickle for everytime I wondered what happened to you I would be rich. lol
    Wow was I surprised to see your comment left for me today. It was a delightful surprise to say the least.
    You look wonderful and sound happy! I remember your precious granddaughter and daughter and so glad you shared pictures for us to enjoy.
    Welcome back it will be fun catching up with you again.
    As you can see from my blog I have lost my job from the fall last year. I knew when I fell that day that it was trouble for my future. lol
    Great seeing you and hearing from you.
    Welcome back you were missed
    Much love from Texas

  2. I have thought of you and little Malaika so often! You look absolutely gorgeous! I do so hope that you are well on the mend! I saw this post when we were on vacation and tried to reply but the internet connection bugged out on me! First thing though when I got home was to post and tell you you are missed and loved! I hope this means you are going to be around more often. I can't wait to see some pics of your studio. It sounds fabulous! Big huge hugs and smooches to you my lovely friend!

  3. Hi dearest Carole,
    I was thrilled to get your message. I just got on the computer after a couple of days away from even checking e-mails and saw your message. Thank you for letting me know about the video. I will look it up as soon as I leave here. How sweet that you would take the time to stop by and say hi. As you can see I don't post as much as I used to LOL! Just sooo much to do.

    Like you, the best job in the world is being grandma to these beautiful little ones in our lives. I have had many staying one at a time this summer and it has been a joy.

    Your little g-daughter is such a doll! I love the tutu you made for her...she is a luck girl having you! I adore that picture of you two together.
    sending lots of love...

  4. I love being a Grandmother I think it's one of the best things in the whole world. Love these photos sweet Carole.Big Hugs!

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    Good Morning 1 year late : )
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    Good Morning 1 year late : )
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