Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No job in Paradise; this time.

Hi Everyone : )
I am back in Los Angeles. Oahu was terrific with the balmy breezes, the sunshine and the people!!!
Unfortunately, I did NOT plan very well and forgot Memorial Day was part of my time there : (, so the Human Resource offices were in only half a day on Friday the 23rd and NOT open on Monday and Tuesday was crazy. It is okay. Things happen for a reason and I will not question that part of my adventure. I will stay with my oldest daughter, Shana, in Canoga Park and on June 11th I go to an interview that will be very beneficial for me. Until then I will keep blogging and work towards my next adventure here in Los angeles : )
I feel great; I am well, happy and around people that are kind and nice. I am applying for a job and I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow and have a TB test done so I can take the paper work to the interview on June 11th.
The plane ride back was long and tiresome : ( I have lots of photographs to download on the computer so I can show you in a post tomorrow and Friday.
Take care!!!


  1. oh well there are still more applications left for you, right?
    at least you spent a lovely time visiting the island and i'm looking forward to see those images.

  2. Carole, So glad you are home.. Sorry you did not get a job in Oahu.. It just was not meant to be..yes you are right things happpen for a reason. Let's hope it's good reason.
    Hugs & love ~Mary~