Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leaving tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday May 22nd I will be on the jet plane to Oahu for the job interviews. I am so excited and happy and thrilled : )
I will have my trusty camera with me so I can take pictures too : )


  1. Hi Carole Ann,
    How very exciting for you. I want to wish you the very, very best with your job interviews! May all of your hopes, dreams & wishes come true!
    Carol Anne

  2. wishing you so much success in your new endeavour in oahu paradise!! so courageous carole!! starting all over again.
    looking forward hearing from you soon!!

    sorry for not being able to help you with the changements of your email. have no clue :((
    (btw i love the bohemian blog!!)

  3. Wishing you joy dear friend, much luck in your job search and blessings for you in your new adventure;)
    LOVE your new blog name, is so fits YOU;)
    Hugs, Marylou ^-^

  4. I wish I could help with the email problem but I haven't got a clue. I'm computer challenged most of the time.
    Good luck in Oahu. Wouldn't it be fun if I could surprise you by dropping by your place in Hawaii!!