Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello : )

Good Day to Everyone!!!
I am rather well and hoping I can continue to use the computer; weakness of the muscles prohibited me of recent.
I am trying to walk better yet there are still days I cannot leave out the apartment.
Yet, I feel good because the view from the balcony is a canopy of green Ficus leaves; the cutest squirrels play in the branches and if I am real lucky I can spot a Hummingbird flit from tree to tree : )
PLEASE visit my friend's blog {carolannesboutique} as she is having a SUPER Give Away!!!
This is the photo on her profile and I love it!!!

She is one of the most kind, sharing, and generous females I have every met.
I have entered it and I do not know how to scrap : ) It is that nice : )
Okay...I am back and will gladly start visiting all of you WONDERFUL ladies!!!


  1. Well let me be the first to welcome you back! I have missed your bright and sunny comments so terribly. I will pray that your road to recovery continues to go well. Also look forward to seeing more adorable baby pics! Hint hint!

    Much love and many sloppy kisses!
    Lucy aka Maggie

  2. Hi Carole! I too have missed you and hope that you get to feeling better soon. Keep enjoying the natural settings around you as nature has a way of helping the healing process along. :)

  3. Welcome back Carole. I am sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. I was hoping that you were just having too much fun with your new grand daughter. I am still working away at college. I think I have one more semester after this one. I will be happy to be finished!

  4. Welcome back Carole Ann!! Ohhhh, thank you so very much for your beautiful words and the link to my giveaway. You are so very sweet!!
    I have missed you so much and I am glad you are feeling well enough to be back blogging again. I am keeping you in my prayers dear friend!
    Love you~ Carol Anne

  5. Oh Carole - what a happy surprise to see you back! Please take good care of yourself and feel better. I love watching hummingbirds also although it's rare I see them. They are so special and so are you!

  6. Hi Carol

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. There is nothing like a baby to put a smile on someones face!

  7. You had left a comment on my post that you were sending an email but I did NOT get it. (Just so you would know: Thank you for your sweet comments & I will now go see what your blog is about. Come back to see me anytime..tks again for your kindness toward me.

  8. Dear Carole,
    You always have a great attitude! Hope you have a stack of great books to read! Will visit Carol Anne's boutique!

  9. It sounds as if you are feeling much better with more recovery on it's way! I love hummingbirds too...thanks for the introduction of Carole Anne's boutique!

  10. Glad to find you posting again. Hope that hummingbird stops by to visit you frequently. There is something just magical about those little birds.