Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teacher's Pet : )

Look at Colleen giving my heart happiness : )

Yes the wonderful Colleen Moody holding a sign "Teacher's Pet" with the Pumpkin Doll I was to learn how to create.
Yes, I am the Teacher's Pet!!!
Dreams come true : )
 has more wonderful photos of
Colleen and Iva's classes.
DeDe created this one too:

~~~They are super wonderful~~~

DeDe's Littlest Witch from Colleen's workshop. Isn't she lovely!

This above photo is of DeDe on the left and Iva on the right.
Enlarge the photo so you can check out the witch's shoe
Crafty, artistic and beautiful ladies!!!
How wonderful is the shoe made from a vintage chocolate mold?
Imagine the flow in this class!!! WOW!!!

These two wonderfully creative artist's who had workshops at the Lily would receive
from me lacy, papery confectionery delights were I a modern day magician!!!

 I am ever grateful to meet artist's who share their creativity so willingly!!!
What a ride this is : )


  1. I am not real crazy about witches but these are the cutest ever! I guess they are too much competition for me.... Sometimes I feel like a witch...lol

  2. Hi sweet Carole, Oh my goodness, I just love these dolls! DeDe & Iva are very talented ladies! This must be such a fabulous class to take! If only I lived in the area…hey Carole it would be awesome to take the class together! Oh well, it sure is a nice daydream though! :) Hope you are feeling much better! Hugs & Love, Carol Anne

  3. Carole, I LOVE Witches!!! I'd love to try and make the little Witch.. she's just adorable!
    Hugs & blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  4. What a sweet post. I still can't believe you weren't there. Next time for sure. I will be back in the Spring. I'm shipping your box on Monday with a little treat inside. Hope you like it.