Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sad Sunday

Sad Sunday indeed.
One month ago I was ecstatic as I read Coleen Moody was coming to
The Gilded Lily
in Old Towne Fullerton on Saturday and Sunday the 26th & 27th of September.
Yes, I immediately called DeDe Warren
{she is the class manager and a Dearie!!!}
to book a seat for each day : )
It is a dream come true; not just being in the same room with Colleen but to sit, listen and to her teach her wonderful craft!!!
#1: Colleen Moody is NOT uppity and had a couple of years ago answered an e-mail I sent to her asking a art question; not only did she answer my question but also gave me a hint : ) She is a Master of her craft!!!
Yesterday's class was "The Littlest Witch";
I chose to make a Pumpkin Girl : )
I was immediately dreaming of the vignette she would come home too.
I bought a teeny tiny human cameo for her to wear on her oh so slender neck.
Then I booked a seat for the class today:
"A Vintage Cabinet Card Doll"
(swoon with vapors)
I booked these classes one month ago...I like to be ahead of the game.
Wednesday, September 23rd, at approximately 1:30 pm I was driving to get onto the 101 North Freeway to go home and my transmission started slipping. Well, it died on me and I have no car; the transmission would cost more than the car's worth.
So, I cried, called Nancy and e-mailed DeDe about my situation.
They were supportive of me. It will be okay in the future.
I wonder if I will ever be priveleged to meet Colleen? I certainly hope so : )
So, I am home alone : )
My daughter is spending the weekend with a friend so I am going to bake some organic zucchini's and beautiful organic Vindalla onions and a red Bermuda one.

I had to take photographs so you can see the awesome coloring of the organic zucchini; she only shops at Whole Foods Market and is a very healthful female.

I had took this picture of my freshly brewed coffee for Darla : )
since we both drink French pressed coffee.

This is pitcher of freshly brewed Lemongrass Green Tea.
I drink my coffee and tea {cold or hot} black.

Life is good and I will plan to get up to Northern California
when Colleen gives a class up there one day.
I hope all of you are having a Simply Marvelous Sunday!!!


  1. Carole, I'm so sorry that you didn't get to go. I know how much you were looking forward to that class. I hope you're having a good day today. Has the weather cooled off down there yet? It was so hot here yesterday. I don't remember the end of September being this darn hot!

  2. Carole, Oh no no no! I am so sorry to read this post.. I know you were very excited to take these classes..You poor thing!!!
    What yummy looking veggies..
    It's cool (60s) here in Ohio very windy & rainy.. It sure has been very hot your way.
    Hugs & much love I'm thinking about you!
    ~Mary! :-}

  3. Oh, Carole! I'm so sorry about your car and missing the classes. I know how incredibly disappointed you must be. But, there will always be another opportunity. How nice you did some baking with those gorgeous vegetables. I hope you enjoyed your freshly brewed beverages - how nice that must have been for the weekend!
    Sharon :-)

  4. Sorry about your car Carole. I have a feeling you will still meet Colleen. It was a blessing that you didn't get in a car wreck!!
    Hugs from afar!


  5. I hope your car repairs are quick and painless...but a transmission isn't usually quick or painless. Big hugs to you my friend. Thank you for the lovely post. I am counting down the days to Spring when we will be able to meet and play in clay together.