Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning Everyone
I am having the privilege of baby sitting the Lil Ms. M this day : )
 She is in on my, yes unmade bed, sleeping.
I truly become absorbed in her whenever she is around : )
Her Mom and Auntie (2 of my grown daughters) had to go to Brawley this morning and brought her by so we could spend time together. Lucky me. It is on it's way Darla : )
I am unable to do too much of anything when she is here as she is a whirlwind of energy.
I am taking her to the post office as I have a package to mail out today to a friend.
I knew she was coming so I prepared the package last night. 
Ms. M thinks she is suppose to be on the computer keyboard and I let her : )
Tomorrow is my day for surgery; the bladder (yuk).
I go in this evening and the surgery is 1st thing in the morning.
When MiMi wakes up we are going to have soft scrambled eggs for breakfast. 
Cage free Vegan ones; my oldest daughter is very healthful minded.
We want to pass it on to the baby.
 She just woke up so off to make breakfast : )
Have wonderfully delightful and happy day!!!


  1. HEY! I lived in Brawley for 3 years! How funny! She looks so cute all stretched out with her binky. I don't think the bed being unmade is a worry for her.

    I will be keeping you in my prayers tomorrow hoping that your surgery goes well! And for a speedy recovery! It is so nice to come online and see you have a new post! I missed you oh so much!

  2. Lucky lucky you to have such a wonderful grandchild. I hope you are well. I have had a busy time teaching artclasses. Having a class this weekend to and will probably post something on my blogg tomorrow. Wish you a happy weekend:)

  3. What a sweetie... :-)

    I'm so sorry to learn of all your health issues. And I certainly wish you all the best, with getting solutions to them.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Carole, So nice to "meet" you! I'm catching up after being away for the week. I look forward to reading more of your blog and learning about you. Meanwhile, I pray that your surgery accomplished its purpose. (Sweet grandbaby here, by the way! I know what you mean about trying to keep up with them.)

  5. Hi Carole,
    I do hope the surgery went well and you are on the mend. Little Miss M will certainly speed things along with her sweet baby way. I'm so glad you are able to spend time with her. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take it easy!

    Sharon :-) and Miss Gracie, Nipper and Tina send well wishes and mini meow!

  6. Dear Carole!
    You are brilliant! You told me how to solve my Fonts/Colors problem, with this "new-Blogger-stuff."

    And I am going to put your info, in place of my HELP gadget, at the top of my blog. With link to you of course.

    And I suggest that all the gals, whom your info helps, come over and thank you, here on your blog.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs...

  7. Carole, She looks like a little sleeping Angel..
    What joy Lil Ms M must bring you..
    God bless you both! ~mary~

  8. Oh goodness, if she were mine I'd have to just stand there and watch her sleep - for hours, LOL!

    Got the pkg, thank you and a private e-mail is on its way!

    Hope you are feeling ok this morning.


  9. I remember that grandson is now 7 and I often wish we could go back in time.


  10. What a beautiful grand-daughter! She looks so precious sleeping. You are blessed with such a wonderful bundle of joy. Hope your surgery goes well and that you are up and about in no time!! Smiles...

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