Sunday, May 18, 2008


Good Day to All:
I am so excited as I am spending a couple of days with my eldest daughter, Shana~33, before I leave for Oahu. There is just something special about the 1st born : ) I gush when I see or think of her : ) She is such a feminine non-judgmental woman, holistic, careful to the Earth/environment, thoughtful of others and intelligent. Independent and pleasant to be around : )

Raven is my middle daughter (almost 31), wife, mother (Super Mom) and a delightful human being. She wears many hats and is so "IT" regarding her responsibilities!!! As she resides in Ohio I miss her joyful attitude & laugh. She sparkles and gives off so much positive energy!!! Not only is she Mom to 3, she works, goes to college and does part time modeling : )


This beauty is my baby : ) She is just coming into her own identity. She was spoile a bit too much and is only now accepting her role in life. She has a boyfriend that is kind, gentle and loving and very patient with her : )


  1. Your daughters are beautiful women!

  2. Pretty daughter like the mom...I nearly fell off my chair when i read you are mom to a 33 lady..i thought you looked really young :o

    happy week ahead :)

  3. Carole, What BEAUTIFUL Daughters! I agree with m.kate "Pretty like the Mom".
    Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

  4. Carole Ann,
    What lovely pictures, your daughters look beautiful inside & out just like their Mom!
    Carol Anne

  5. hello there dear carole,
    finally back on track again in blogland and i'm so happy to visit you again as from now on ;))) and reading about you new adventures to come!

    some pretty ladies over here, you did a marvelous job my friend!!
    thank you so much for the tribute in your african tree post!!