Friday, May 16, 2008


This day May 16th 2008 finds me preparing for a new adventure...again : )
I have not posted since December 6th, 2007. I went to Oklahoma, saw, did not conquer and came back to Los Angeles to recuperate. I am preparing to "Leave On A Jet Plane" May 22nd and fly to Honolulu Hawaii for some job interviews. Please all of you; pray that I am hired so I can stay on the island of Oahu and continue my life adventurously : )
Last year in July 27th I flew to Oahu and was offered 2 jobs and chose to come back to the mainland. My life is so totally free now I can, without any guilt, accept a job and stay on Oahu. My daughters, all 3, are living productive independent lives and Mama is not needed like previously : ) I am truly inspired by their independence!!!
I no longer need a doctor's care and my spine and back are pretty well healed. It has been a bit over 7 months since having the spine surgery and my neurologist said I am in the 1% who will not require any more surgeries. I am sure much of it had to do with the prayers you ladies so unselfishly sent my way!!!
I will be able to post photographs as I am in Honolulu so I will keep you up to date on this my
New Adventure : )
My humble intentions are:
#1 get a job
#2 be a merchant on this blog
#3 have nice embellishments (vintage and new) for all of you crafter's, artist's and scrap bookers that come to this simple blog
#4 give credit to Phyllis from Shabby In The City for the inspiration to sell. She has the most wonderful Flea Market Friday's on her blog. I wanted to have a Market too : ) So, after expressing my desire to her she said I was required to pay her $1,000,000.00 in Confederate Paper money for the idea : )
Anyone know where I can find some? : )



  1. Laughing out loud rolling on floor...yeah!!!! You're back...make sure you get a spare room out there!!! Somebody's coming! Carole...I will tell you this...I just this a.m. got diagnosed (finally) with MS and you have my cheeks hurtin' I'm so smiley :) I'm listing my items right this moment on laptop #2...Tell me you got that check the second time I sent it? For the beads?
    Such great news about your back!!!!!

  2. Carole!! I am so glad to see you back! Miss Shabby sent me over here. I'll be looking forward to what you have to offer and hearing about Oahu. Phyllis and I will have to come and visit at the same time. Wouldn't that be a blast!! I get the couch! Anyway...glad you're back! Hugs and smoochies!!

  3. Just spotted your post on Mz. Shabby's flea market. Glad to see that you are back blogging. Good luck landing a job and I'll be checking in to find photo's and check out the goodies.


  4. Carole, Yippee!! So glad you are finally back blogging again..It's about time LOL..
    You have been missed by all of us.
    Good luck and have fun with your new blog.. I LOVE IT!
    Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

  5. Hi Carole, so glad to see you blogging again and it's wonderful to hear all is well with you....missed you!!


  6. So glad your back. Glad to hear your back is well. Wishing you best of luck on your new adventure.
    Sending you my prayers.
    Hugs and Love.

  7. It is so GREAT that you are ready to hop on a plane and move to paradise. I love it! I will send good thoughts your way that you will get hired by a wonderful new employer and that you will find a dream home close to the beach and a good coffee shop. :)

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  9. Oh here you are! I have been wondering how you were and what happened to you!
    I will say prayers for all of your hopes and wishes and I am glad to hear that you are healed and ready to take on the world!