Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photos from Paradise

Well, paradise is in the heart of those who wish to linger : ) I like this photograph because I can see the little smile : )
I am doing a reality check about me. It is to realize that I do not have to (at this time) live away from where my feet are standing and I can make my Paradise inside of me.
I am kind of disappointed I am not living on Oahu yet I will get over it. Basically, I need a job that will allow me to spend time creating again and then I can feel a bit of happiness inside my soul. I need to be busy. I am off to the doctor's appointment and will see all of you later.
Have a super day


  1. I want paradise inside of me too! I guess peace IS paradise, isn't it? I have do too Carole.
    Glad you are feeling well and are with your daughter!

  2. Carole, I got your fun post card today. What a sweetheart you are sending it. Thanks so much!
    What's with the anonymous comment of "you sound confused" People leaving anonymous comments are such a pain! Looks like it may be
    from the same person that left one a while back for me stating to me Ps you need to move on... When I posted a tribute to my Nikki on her birthday. It too had the same... at the end of my anonymous comment.
    You don't sound confused to me.
    Hope you doctor appointment went well.
    I'll keep my finger crossed you find a job here.
    Husg & love ~Mary~ :-}

  3. I disagree with that anonymous commenter Carole. You don't sound confused to me, you sound like you are pondering the true and right place to live inside and out. You will live in your dream I'm sure because You know what you want, most people do not!!


    hope all went well at the drs!

  4. Carole What a wonderful spirit you have. How sad that somone would see that as being confused. Maybe next time Amy comes out we can all get together and be confused...

  5. lovely image carole! blue skies above paradise island.
    just take your time, you'll find it somewhere, someday!

    have a great sunday!

  6. Hiya Hooters;)
    The JOURNEY is our paradise;) Don't fret about any of it. You already have peace inside of you simply because of the kindness that dwells there. One day at a time is my motto and I KNOW you will get to your destination when the time is right. Till then, enjoy the trip we all call life.
    LOVES YA, Marylou ^-^

  7. Hi Carole,
    I think you are amazing!
    Bless your sweet soul for being real!

  8. Hello Carole,
    So glad your back! I kept check on you Scoundrels and Rogues blog. Hawaii huh, it is so beautiful there..I wish I could live there too.
    Glad to hear your healed and things are started to come together. Take care Pinkie Denise

  9. Hiya Hooters,
    Me again, I forgot sumthin'. sound like you do NOT know our Carole. She is NEVER confused. She is bright, charming and delightful. She is throwing chance to the wind and having a grand time doing so;) She has the heart & soul of a gal with a mission & is filled with fortitude;) I for one love her;) Sheesh, some peeps!!

    Thank you, I needed to get that off my chest;)
    Loves ya C,
    Marylou ^-^

  10. hello darla ;)) where are you??
    come and visit the southern valley and find your tag ;))

  11. What a great post :) I love your attitude on life.

  12. Carole, so good to find you again.

    Shut up anonymous if you can't say something good.

    Carole, Paradise is in your spirit and you are such a sweetie and I could use some of your courage to seek out my true Paradise. Remember what I told you, if you need any help with crafts, I'm here for you. Has anyone told you that the picture of Shana looks like Vanessa Huxtable? What beauties you have---I just posted my little treasures and that's where my Paradise is. Love Ya, Pat