Sunday, April 26, 2009

Divine DeDe Warren's Marie Antoinette Art Journal

Front cover of Marie Antoinette Journal
Talk about the coming of age for me.
I attended the workshop of the fantabulous (not a misspelled world; I made it up to say what I feel ) mixed media artiste DeDe Warren's Marie Antoinette Art Journal on March 18th, 2009.
I am a fish out of water when it comes to "off the cuff" art work. I am so used to sewing where the seams must match : ) I am kind of a prude and it took an artist like DeDe to let me know it is okay not to have any rules to follow : )
On her blog she says it so succinctly:
I'm an everyday girl trying to be the best me I can be!!!
She does it so effortlessly and allows one (me especially) to be creative in a mixed media arena. I was so excited I dashed to the library and checked out a book on Marie Antoinette so I would be able to feel and understand the love for her has that has the artists at her beck and call.
What a blast we had at The Lily!!! Nancy Jamar always out does herself in making her shop welcoming to all of us. Food, spirits (liquid and of the past), camaraderie and sharing of thoughts, papers and embellishments. Click on the link for The Lily and you will be able gaze upon the wonderful photos Nancy put on her blog. If you would like to gaze at them now, here they are, with Nancy's permission.
Being around these ladies is pure magic for the soul. I am always over full when I have to leave!!! Being in Nancy's shop is taking a magical tour of an older gentler (excluding the guillotine) time in another world and you (particularly I) do NOT want to leave. Brushing shoulders with 19th century mannequins, wired head dresses of another era, while your busy fingers trace the lines of vintage brass findings that beg you to touch, caress and buy : )
Now I will add some pages from my journal which is my work in progress .

peace and thank you

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  1. Hmm, maybe there's not enough content for you. You're striking me as a research type of gal, and more into the structure and the stitching than the pretty pix. Perhaps you could treat it more as a journal/study of the period re the clothing.