Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book signing & trunk show for Jewelry Artiste Amy Hanna

The Charming Amy Hanna
The night was teeming with an undercurrent of sighs, camaraderie, and revelry. The illustrious shop, Gilding The Lily, was full to overflowing with artists, food, friends, wine, clients, cheese and persons having their books signed by Amy Hanna.
Her book is beautiful inside and out.
Ada, with Amy, having her book signedThis happy lady is Nancy Jamar...Gilding The Lily's very own!!!Amy's friends
The Fantabulous DeDe Warren!!! If you have not yet bought the Marie edition of Stampington & Company Magazine, break all speed limits to buy one. DeDe is a hit in it!!! She will be what my next post is about as she is a hit as a teacher : )
Okay, I must brag on this photograph...I finally was able to meet the Gracious & Delightful Lidy Barrs of
French Garden House.
Also, her blog is Little French Garden House
To be in the presence of people I have only read about made for a memorably awesome evening to share with Bloglandia!!!
Yes, I too, had my picture taken with Amy. Such a sweetheart!!!
I am back, again : )

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