Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am back and going to challenge myself to post regularly. I miss seeing and hearing from the wonderful blogger's I have followed over the years and meeting and listening to new bloggers. I thoroughly enjoy seeing their creativity, their websites, and Etsy shops.
Mary from (IsabellasCloset) created/designed this above lovely banner for me. Visit her blog and see all the beautiful,one of a kind banners and templates she can create for you!!! I love the juxtaposition of the colors and too much going on : ) That is me; too much going on and the love of orange, green, black and stripes all at the same time.
These 2 fellows have been with me for years, through name changes and attempts at being a frequent blogger. Actually, it is one man that I mirrored years ago. I love his love of color, maybe he dressed in the dark : ) I had a postcard with him on it (thank goodness I saved him) yet it must be in the Bermuda Triangle morass as I seem to have lost it .
Tonight I will post about a book signing & trunk show for Jewelry Artiste Amy Hanna, I was fortunate enough to be invited to on March 28th 2009 : ) It was more like a companionable soiree in Old Fullerton at Lily's. This is the shop to come too whenever you are in Southern California. It is (drum roll, please) Gilding The Lily. Please click on the above link and see the photos and words she had to say about the evening. The proprietoress, Nancy Jamar, is the "IT" person; a lady, an artist, a friend, and such the humble person it makes you enjoy her that much more!!!
Okay, I will be back this evening after the chores of this day are completed or at least started : )


  1. Carole! I'm so happy to see you back to blogging! I'll send you a longer email soon. I just came home from a party at my daughter's house but I wanted to at least welcome you back!

  2. Carole, It's great seeing you back blogging! I've missed your posts. You are such a fun addition to our blogging community :-}
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~