Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My friend in Australia says that to me (actually I asked her to say it to me so I could hear it from a real Australian). I like accents of people of the world.
People use to ask me if I were from the South and I would say "Yes, Southern California" : ) I do not have a drawl yet I sound like I drink Bourbon, chain smoke cigarettes and have a cold all in the same breathe : )
Oh well I do not concern myself anymore since I do not drink (I am designated driver) and I have big feet too yet what a mess I would be in if I worried about these kinds of "things."
This very lovely lady is Caminade Duchesse de'Angouleme, Marie Antoinette's daughter. Quite the classical beauty!!!I also like this fabric. I like the design. The scroll work in the back ground.
Farewell, ladies, I am off to organize my storage unit.

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