Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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Has anyone seen this graphic before? I bought the original vintage postcard on e-bay years ago and have since lost it. I think it is a Tuck card. I kept her because she is my image of what I would have looked like and more importantly, how I would have liked to have dressed. I love her flair with the black plumes and her use of stripes, brocade trim and I am sure the fabrics are cotton velvet. It looks like the good old heavy fabric.Are these shoes hot or what?
I personally cannot imagine walking in them yet I did wear 6 inch platforms in the 70's : ) Since I am 60 now my girls tease me about what I wore and how I dressed back in the 60's & 70's : ) Bell bottom pants, fur vests, flowered anything was cool back then, the love beads (tons of them) and all platform shoes. The embroidered gauze blouses, so billowy and light.
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  1. Carole, I love a give-a-way Please enter my name..
    Wow you wore 6" platforms! I too can't image that.
    OMG thanks for the blast from the past. I thought I was "Cher" back in the mid 60s! I was 16 had long dark hair, tall, thin. I wore bell bottom pants and love beads. How funny.... I thought I was so cool! My hubby (now my x) back then looked like Sonny. He was short brown hair not really that good looking. What a couple we made LOL..
    Thanks for the smile :-}
    Peace! ~Mary~

  2. Hi Caole I have just come over from Isabella's Closet.
    The fashions from the 60's and 70's were all about fun.
    Count me in for pour giveaway
    Come visit my blog too

  3. I love the tuck card beautiful outfit as a yong girl I dreamt of living during those times the outfits were so smart and stylish.I was born in Los Angeles.Hugs Darcy

  4. Oh, I want those shoes - can you imagine being stuck in a queue, and wearing those? The people in front would move along quickly, I'm sure!