Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday with Mary and her website

Good morning Bloglandia
I feel like such a fortunate person, as I have been reflecting on my good fortunes in meeting the super awesome artists, crafter's and wonderfully talented women on this Wide World Web!!! I just came from my daily rounds of looking at, commenting on the beautiful posts, gazing upon the foo foo, frou frou, froo froo pink, feminine creations that are floating (almost literally) out here. I wonder and I wish I knew why I cannot conceive and create what I feel inside my soul?
I am not a pinkie person. I love to see the creations of the pinkie, feminine women who go over the top and it is NOT too much. I would have a room just to gaze upon it and think of the softness it takes to make it.
I am a bright jewel tone person and it works for me.
My connection (DSL) is acting sluggish and I am unable to upload the images to create the atmosphere I enjoy and it is not happening.
So, I will clean the kitchen (I made spaghetti with fresh steamed broccoli for tonight's dinner. I will make garlic bread for dinner also.)
My friend, Mary Rose, opened her website yesterday June 1, 2009.

Isn't her bling lavender Fleur just too sweet?
Most of you know her, Mary Rose, from her blog, etsy and e-bay sites. This lady can design, craft and create artistically with the best. Her cottage is real life. She is a vintage lover, pinks and ruffles.
Her just opened website has vintage and newer items at great prices. I tried to be the first one to buy something from her but 3 others beat me : )
The added extra is this lady is SUPER nice!!!
Okay, the kitchen is clean and I am making a rosette/award ribbon for another artist. when it is finished I will post a photograph.
Have a fun relaxed day!!!

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  1. Hi Carole, Now I know the answer to my question I sent you... you are a jewel tone person! I was wondering what your favorite colors are. Even though I love pink, I actually like to wear jewel tones. It makes me feel brighter. I hope you enjoyed your spaghetti and garlic bread - it's one of my favorites. Anything with garlic...mmmmmmmmmmm