Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday, Monday

Remember California Dreaming by The Mamas & Papas?

I was there : )
Bob Dylan was the heart throb for me : )

Well Donovan too. I wasn't into The Grateful Dead.
I was into Grace Slick and Jefferson airplane.

Love beads, bare feet and long hair : )
The one I will never forget is Janis Joplin;

You did not live in San Francisco and hang out in the Haight and not know her or get to meet her; talk about a down to Earth girl. Actually she was rather shy : )
Well, I will finish with this song by a great man:
Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World!!!

And it is a Wonderful World!!!


  1. You sound like you are in a time vault

  2. Carole, Bob Dylan is coming to Chukchansi park in Fresno in August. Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp are going to be there too. I think that the tickets are 68.50. I was thinking about buying tickets for the hubby's birthday. He is a big fan of both Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan.

  3. I like ALL of your music choices. What fun!


  4. I remember listening to that music! My husband still has a few of his records from those bands!
    Carol Anne

  5. Oh my gosh... living right near San Francisco growing up in the '60's, this brings back memories. My older sister was a teenager during this time while I was 9 to 12 years old. I remember the music, the clothes... During this time, my dad would take us out on Sundays. I remember going to Haight Ashbury. We would get in the station wagon and drive down there as there was much to see for us kids from the suburbs! There would be tons of cars and we would caravan slowly down Haight street taking it all in. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  6. I like all of these songs. Especially Louis!
    Music has the power to transport a person just the way perfume or certain smells.

    Hope all is well in your world today Carole. That
    your Monday~Monday was a good one.