Friday, June 05, 2009

Fun & Friendly Friday

Fun & Friendly Friday:
I love this little birdie : )
He is all puffed up and giving his best scowl. I just love his expression.he is too cute!!!
He has been around for years photographed by the renowned wildlife photographer:
Michael L. Smith

The name of this photograph is:
The Mad Bluebird

Talk about my age catching up with me : )
I am one of those people that lines up everything and thinks I am super organized : )
Not : )
I am 3 weeks ahead of myself on the VHL conference.
I got up this morning and was all ready to pick up Beverly and her wonderful son Steven and good thing she e-mailed me and nicely said in 3 weeks : )
So, instead of excitedly hosting them to see Hollywood stuff I will clean my storage and list items for my etsy shop.
Everyone have a great weekend and talk to ya later : )


  1. Wonderful News, Steven is going to the conference!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this little birdie too. He is so fluffy, I just want to scoop him up!

  3. Hope you accomplished a lot with sorting your storage Carole since you are three weeks ahead!!


  4. Carole, How cute! Hugs ~Mary~ :-}