Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Today is a marvelous day. I went over to a friends blog and looked at the scrumptious she made pizza and took photos of a little girl that just swelled my heart.
I am going to Nancy's shop:

Gilding the Lily
The above is a link to her blog. You can see and read about all of the artist's and their workshops that are held there.
This is her Gilding the Lily Vintage website.
If you like and love vintage trims, feathers, ephemera, finding, rhinestone brooches, buttons, wall paper, fleurs, millinery, ad infinitum.
Well, I went to Nancy's shop and met with a nice lady but Nancy was not in appearance : (
Her lovely daughter was holding down the fort and was her usual charming self!!!
Gotta go to bed for I have a big day tomorrow.

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