Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wonderful World Wednesday

Wonderful World Wednesday
The below link is to Steven's You Tube video that won him the trip, for he and his Mom to Anaheim and the V.H.L. Conference. Please click and watch.

The above is a video on You Tube that won Steven and Mom Beverly a trip to Anaheim to attend the V.H.L. Conference. I met her because I read a post on Corey's blog and followed that part of his journey. I also went to You Tube and clicked on his video every day and sometimes more than once. He won the trip to the VHL conference in Anaheim, with the most hits. His Mom's blog is:
Steven's Journey
V.H.L. is Von Hippel-Lindau which is is a genetic condition involving the abnormal growth of blood vessels in some parts of the body which are particularly rich in blood vessels. It is caused by a flaw in one gene, the VHL gene, on the short arm of chromosome 3, which regulates cell growth.
An Easy Way to Help - if you publish a story which refers to VHL, we would appreciate it if you would mention "for more information about VHL, please contact 1-800-767-4VHL" in the U.S. and Canada, or our E-mail account anywhere in the world, and this website
She documents the pain, the smiles and the life of her darling son Steven.
Now, the wonderful part of all of this is I get to pick them up Friday and take them to see Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard : )
Oh, I am so excited to meet this lady {extraordinary Mom} and her delightful son!!!
I will hopefully get to take some photographs and post them over this weekend : )
I have much admiration for this woman and her son!!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

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  1. Carole, you are extraordinary too. What a wonderful friend you are to so many people. Have a wonderful day with this special family! I'll look for your photos....