Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Sunday

Simply Sunday is perfect for me as I spent yesterday, stayed the night and am sitting at my daughter's computer right now : ) She is so delightful to be around.

I so do NOT know why the quality of the photograph is so poor : ( To the bottom right of the photograph are my gray tennis shoes under her red mosaic heart shaped table, a wrapped present for her sister, the rose cotton velvet antique settee which she loves. She is a lover of hand crafted, vintage and foo foo items.
Okay, I am cleaning off her balcony of leaves from the ficus tree shedding, then I am working on some labels to more artfully package items I sell on Etsy. I bought some colorful sheets of card stock from Kinko's yesterday, I only have 2 glassine bags : ( so after the design is completed I will peruse the Internet and find some to purchase so the packaging will be done nicely. Does anyone know where i would be able to buy some at a low cost? I need 3" X 4" ones, 1 1/2" X 2" and 4" X 5". Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!! Also, the ones I need are the papery plastic ones; not the regular plastic ones. Make sense?
I hope so because I cannot find them : ( I found some, I think. I also found out the correct name is flat Polyethylene bags.
I located a store in Los Angeles called the Paper Mart. I am going to call them in the morning and see if I can walk in and save the shipping and other fees. One case of 1,000 small 2" x 3" bags is $12.80 but the shipping to Los angeles is $5.40, plus (as is stated on their website) a small handling fee of $3.00, 9.5 CA tax and another fee. Well it will double the price : (


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous Carol. She looks very down to earth and sweet as well.

    Hope you were able to do the "walk in" for the paper products.


  2. Hi Carole...your daughter is so beautiful & she looks as sweet as can be! You must have had the best time together. Hope you had good luck getting your bags in the store. I bought some on ebay last year, you might want to check that out.
    Have a lovely evening!
    Carol Anne

  3. Your daughters are absolutely lovely! I like foo foo too... It's so nice you can share your love of vintage with each other.

    Have a good evening!