Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tattered Tuesday

It was a great & crazy weekend for me; in fact it was not over until Monday evening. I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with 2 of my daughters at my oldest one's apartment.
I lost my Sprint cell phone that was only 8 months old : (
No, I did not have insurance : (
I think I will look on e-bay for one to replace it.
I received a package in the mail. The stamps were Cary Grant so that evokes thoughts of class : ) Sorry it turned out blurry : (

Then I opened it and these are the individually wrapped presents I received:
Look at the vintage reproduction card. I love him : )
Thank you Tina!!!
The envelope French inspired book is a booklet of fancy Post It Note's. Now I will have something nice to write little words instead of grabbing a piece of lined note paper : )

I just love the envelope that contains the notes!!!

These lovely butterfly's are canceled stamps laminated and now I have the PERFECT book mark. I usually end up using a receipt from the market or book store.
Thank you Tina!!!

Sharon from A Fanciful Life
knew I was trying to find glassine small bags {I need them and will use them} to use in my Etsy shop and she sent these to me. She is the lovely person behind these super presents being to me.
It was a great end of a super visit with my daughters.
To have presents waiting for me makes me feel so special : )
Thank you so much Sharon & Tina!!!


  1. Glad you liked your package, sweetie! We are happy you had a wonderful time with your daughters and that you're back with us now. We missed you in blogland! :-)

    Sharon and Tina

  2. Thank God in Heaven! She's back and in one piece! I almost sent out a pack of St Bernard with Mojito barrels to find you!

    I am sooo glad you had a nice visit with your daughters. Makes me miss my mom.