Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Timely Tuesday...GIVE AWAY deadline

Good Morning Bloglandia
Today is all about going to my mail box and see what treats are awaiting me, taking my daughters stiletto high heels to the cobbler to put skid pads on them, paying bills and putting everyone's names into a hat to pick the winners of the Give Away. It is not too late to have your name put in the hat : )
I originally said (two) 2 winners yet I have decided it will be three (3) winners because I think what fun to be a winner of a Give Away : ) A couple of years ago I won one and I was elated for long time. That will be another whole post regarding things that make one feel good.
So I am off and will come back later today to document the Give Away process : )
Photographs and all. Blogger is not letting/permitting me to upload any photographs right now, so later

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