Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tumultuous Tuesday/Wednesday : )

Tumultuous Tuesday
Ooops today is Wednesday : )

Today and Thursday and Friday I will be offline and into the whites of my eyes packing and moving out to The San Fernando Valley. I am a bit out of sync and it is because I am in the middle of sorting out supplies and packing up. I am moving and it is a bit of a big deal as I tend to get dis-organized with each move : ) But then anyone that has made a move knows it can get crazy : )
My best friend David is working so is unable to assist me, my youngest daughter is over 6 months pregnant and unable to help and my oldest daughter is working very long hours and won't be there. So, like the mature woman I am; I have started.
I will have to close down my Etsy Shop for about a week so I do not fall behind in shipping out items. Well, today is Thankful Thursday and I already am behind as the truck/van I need to use is in use already : ) The best made plans of men : )
So, until I actually have the truck/van keys in my hand I will still post and sell on

Yes this is exactly me right this moment; drinking coffee, working on this laptop, drinking coffee and my hair in a pony tail : ) No, I am not thin : ) and I wear no earrings.


  1. Moving is no fun. :-( Good luck with it all. Just keep the java flowing!

  2. I am praying for you as you are undertaking this. Hugs my friend...m.