Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simply Sunday

Today is marvelous. I have found several friends that I had lost contact with through Facebook. What fun it is : ) It is rather fun to have contact with young people, craftspeople my age and younger, women I admire, creativity flows through the key boards of people I can only admire and may, unfortunately, never meet.
Been to Oahu?
I took this photo in February 2009 from a little park behind Diamond Head.

I took this one probably the same day just from a different view and oh so beautiful : )

I tend to explore when I am walking, driving or on an adventure; which is most of the time. I walked by tide pools and lusicious flora and fauna and came upon this big (HUGE) yellow and black spider, weaving her web. I was amazed as she did not quit and I was breathing heavy hoping I would not scare her.

If you zoom in and enlarge the photo you can see the whisper thin web links. Fine
whitish silvery threads. She did not skip a beat.

I will call the spider her for sake of argument : ) I think she finally tired of my spying
on her web building so she left me : (

Have a Swell Sunday : )

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