Saturday, May 02, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

I am so fortunate.
I spent the day with Shana, my eldest daughter, we talked on the telephone to my youngest daughter (who is pregnant with her first baby and will be 32 this month). I came back with Raw Olive Flats Gourmet Vegetarian Jerky Pure Mild Kalamata (it is a jerky appearing product made from Kalamata Greek olives) and so sinfully delightful. Then Raw Pizza Zucchini Chips that have just enough crunch and if you like zucchini like I do it is a culinary delight for the taste buds!!! Shana wanted to make sure I have healthful snacks in my purse because I am always driving somewhere.
We always do our week's laundry together : ) I like doing it and she does not. I like to fold clothes and she does not. It is a win win situation for both of us since it gives me time to be with her : ) Malaika, my pregnant almost 32 year old daughter could not make it today although she is usually with us. She will spend tomorrow, Sunday, with her sister; they enjoy quality time with one another too.
Then around 4:30 I stopped by my friend, Karen's, so I could show her 21 year old son how to sell on Craig's List and e-bay. He is selling his 1991 Acura Integra GS because he is moving and does not want to take it with him. I have known her for about 34 years and she has a been a friend through thick and thin. She has always permitted me to be myself and it is so pleasant to be one's self when around her. She use to have a bush of fragrant Rosemary outside her kitchen door. I loved going over picking some to take home. Fresh Rosemary imbuing her home with the Italian seasoning was always a welcome when entering her kitchen. Bellizimo!!!
I do not have a garden but I love them. Herbs, lavender, sweet peas, roses, irises, hydrangeas (I grew up with hydrangeas growing on both side of the front porch and my Dad amazed me explaining that the minerals (aluminum and Ph balances) in the soil made the different colors), that bit of information has always stayed with me because to think GOD took the time to make the flowers pink, blue, lavender, white and green in our front yard. To a small child that was an amazing feat : ) I had lilac bushes growing along side the house where one of my bedroom windows was located and I would drift off to sleep smelling them and there no greater scent than awakening to the smell of dew shrouded lilacs!!! The beauty in nature is awesome in it's simplicity. Our backyard was a plethora of trees (nectarines, plums, walnut), tomatoes growing on the vines, cucumbers (we made into pickles), grape vines (Seedless Thompson's and purple black Concords (I use to swallow the seeds and hoped a vine would grow in my stomach :) Then living in California's Central San Joaquin Valley: nature's candy was available always: Raisin's!!! To this day I will buy Champion raisin's over Sun Maid ones because they are boxed in Fowler : )
Okee dokee Friends, it is time for this middle age woman to go to bed : )
Good Night


  1. Loely to meet you - I'm so pleased you took the Freebies button (can't have too many vintage stuff!) I would imagine I'm too late for your giveaway - but if I'm not, I'd love to be entered.

  2. I'm also happy to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog. :)