Tuesday, May 05, 2009

GIVE AWAY WINNERS drum roll please

Drum roll please:

Yep, follow the drum majorette : )
I am a bit of O.C.D. type person. I count in odd numbers, I set everything to uneven numbers; then I got to thinking "2 winners; what was I thinking?" Can't do even. I had 3 daughters : ) So, I did the Random.org and it gives you options. The other thing about me is I tend to go over board : ) Yep, O.C.D. and too much. Get the picture? Well, it felt so good doing that random number picker that I got carried away : )
I will e-mail everyone that won and if you should read this before I e-mail you (I have to go to work tomorrow) please feel free to go to my "aBohemianMarket" and if you see what item you want, just convo me so I can save it for you. If you do not see what you want e-mail me and give me an idea as I have a craft's storage unit and I may have it in there.
Thank you to everyone that entered and let's do this again, soon!!!

P.S. I already e-mailed all 7 winners : ) and now I lay me down to sleep as I have to work tomorrow.


  1. Yippee! I got your e-mail saying I was a winner and I already picked a prize. You made my day!
    Thanks bunches!