Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Last night I decided to use my crock pot for a pot of beef stew. I love all aspects of cooking, buying the vegetables, cleaning, chopping. You can see I used fresh carrots I cut on the slant, chunks of white onions, pieces of green bell peppers, cubes of red potatoes, chunks of beef and cabbage. I forgot to buy celery so I used some celery seeds.
I did not think to clean the sides of the crock pot : )

It is delicious if you like beef stew. I thicken the gravy with a bit of corn starch as I have no wheat flour or quinoa flour {which is by far the superior to me}

On a light note:

Growing up I was never a reader of comic books yet I do remember the back and forth of Archie, Veronica & Betty.Well, about 2 hours ago on the Internet, it is revealed whom he is proposing too in the 600th issue.

Yes, Veronica said yes!!!

the publisher has already revealed the identity of Archie’s fiancĂ©e: Veronica!!!on the official Archie Comics blog

I am making a cup of coffee : )




  1. Wow - your stew looks just like the stew my mom used to make when I was growing up. What comfort food that was... thanks for the memory today!

  2. I really like stews. Yours sounds and looks yummy...m..