Friday, May 22, 2009

Cats are so cool..Nip, Gracie, Melissa & Madison

Nip and Gracie these 2 girls know all about you and yes, they may be a tad jealous : )
I have to make an appointment for my pregnant daughter's kitty to get spayed. Her name (the cat) is Melissa; she has one green eye and one blue eye. She is a sister to Madison who has both eyes of blue. They both have 6 toes and the biggest paws I have ever seen. I always tell Melissa to give 6 instead of the normal High 5 : ) They are both snow white, short haired girls & they have just a little streak of grey on the top of their heads. I am used to my cats growing and being full figured : ) These 2 girls
are rather lean.
Here they are: Melissa is on the left being squeezed/hugged by Madison; actually I think Melissa is asleep and Madison is being protective of her sister.

I will add photos when Malaika (my pregnant almost 31 year old daughter/the baby : )
I am waiting on her to e-mail me some photos of Melissa & Madison. I was able to make 2 appointments for them to be spayed on June 16th which I was very fortunate to secure. It turns out I was able to make 2 appointments ans Malaika went along with it; Melissa is the only one that has big problems when she comes into heat and Madison is less mature although they are 2 of 3 sisters born in a litter; are they triplets are just 3 sisters?
Now please look closely at this photo; Melissa is on the left and Madison on the right. Look closely into Melissa's eyes. Her right eye is light green and her left eye is light blue. Madison has 2 light green eyes.

They are good girl kitties and girlie : )

This is a photo of them playing on Malaika's living room sofa
{I think you can tell Malaika loves her cats} Yes, the M should be a hint : ) Her kitty girls and her first baby daughter on the way in August : )


  1. I like your blog and the pictures of the cats. i wlii write later. from tina

  2. Ohhhhh, Gracie and Nip are so happy to make new cat friends! I am too. Melissa and I share something in common. I actually have one dark brown eye and one light brown eye. And did you know that many cats who are solid white with one blue and one green eye are deaf? It's so nice that Melissa and Madison are siblings - Nip and Gracie don't hug much like M & M do! I would love to see their big paws! How old are they?