Thursday, May 21, 2009


In December of 2009 I had bought an issue of
Artful Blogging by Stampington.
In fact the issue I am referring to is:
Winter of 2009

It is a beautiful {keeper} magazine. I remember reading some of the hints bloggers gave for everyone.
I have been blogging for over 2 years; sometimes I have gone months due to what is happening (or not) in my life. But the one thing I always thought was important:
If a person took the time to leave a comment on one of my posts it was polite to respond.
I learned a big thing when I was in the beginning. I almost died and I did cry for the mistake I made. I made a comment on a blog and did NOT know that if you went backwards it would re-post every time on the person's blog. Oh, my. She wrote to me and asked who was I and why was I bombarding her blog? I wanted to crawl under the carpet. I explained and she was quite hospitable to me after that horrible incident. Well, although I am a mature, older female I am really sensitive : ) I am shy and sometimes people think because of my age and my size I am not vulnerable. I was 5'9" until my spine surgery on October 5th, 2007...I am now almost 5'7" yet my demeanor is still of the tall woman I once was. It is hard for me to talk on a telephone unless I know you; I become tongue tied and almost stutter,
yet, since I cannot see the person's face or watch their body language I feel at odds.
I am able to write a beautiful letter and I enjoy the written word as it is an easy tool for expressing myself.
So, why do people that post on their blog not respond either by reciprocating on the person's blog or a quick thank you via e-mail? Am I missing something here?
I think it is a matter of respect and polite.
I understand if you are busy you cannot fit it in immediately; yet why are you too busy to acknowledge a fan or a person saying how nice you painted something or what neat old vintage purse you found at a flea market, or what a lovely photograph you posted?
I found a neat site:
It is interesting and a worthwhile read.
I am 60 (yeah : ), mature and have old fashion values. Like if someone sends something home with you in their dish; it is proper to wash it and place some candy or a what not in it when it is returned.
Thank you notes?
Oh, yes. I make mine when I am able and when I am not I find a nice one to adequately express my sentiments and try to make it as artful as possible. I think it is how it makes you feel being thoughtful and kind : )
When the

Spring 2009 issue of Stampington's came out I was unable to find it anywhere as it flew off of the Book store shelves immediately. I am not a fou fou {foo foo} or pink person yet I have met and taken a workshop by one of the ladies who was highlighted in it. But for her kindness I would never have managed to get a copy.
Yes, the wonderful
DeDe Warren!!!
Click on her name and read what she had to say about the Marie issue I am speaking of. She is delightful, talented and has a quick wit about her. She inspired me to read about Marie Antoinette; I checked a book out of the library and it was quite interesting.
I suppose using this blog to air my feelings is a good thing : )


  1. Hi Carole!

    I just started reading Artful Blogging also. I recently bought my second copy and I love reading all about these creative bloggers and seeing the yummy photos. I've only been blogging since February but it interesting how it works and how people are all different. And, I think it take a while sometimes to figure some things out about how it all works and etiquette.

    By the way, I am posting photos of Gracie and Nip for you on my blog tonight in response to your message yesterday. I was going to do it last night but was running out of energy as you might have surmised from my short post. But I did prepare them so they are ready to go. I showed your blog to my sister the other day and she really enjoyed it. She liked the very unique images that you've posted. Well, have a great evening!


  2. Hi Carole,
    About your post.
    It's good to try to get back either by leaving a comment or an email. But, for some people it's impossible.

    It must be overwhelming to receive a 100 comments a day. How would a person deal?

    Hope all is well!!
    Sending hugs!

  3. Carole,

    I think you are a very dear and special lady. I am so thankful that our paths crossed. When I open my mail and there is one from you it helps to brighten my day. have a great weekend...m.