Friday, May 01, 2009

Hip Hip Hurrah!!! May Day

Hello Bloglandia!!!
Thank you for such a super response to the Give Away!!!
My comments were disabled and I was unable to get back to any of you : ( I will now.
I spent this afternoon replying to each lovely comment on my blog. The romance, the feel soft pinks, the kaleidoscope of jewel tone colors, the reverence and love of sincere thoughts, the royal blood of the common, the beehive of activity amongst long distance friends, hanging onto the continuing sagas of lives, glimpsing into parties of little girls in France, seeing the covenant of faith of a little 11 year old, watching a blogger write and have her first book published, see the giving of artists from their worlds, unselfish, full of sharing. I come into this loving mixtures (no pinks here : ) asking questions, receiving hugs, lots of commonness with the ladies of these blogs, need help...I will do it : ) Pink (not), stripes/polka dots/ and I am there : ) Running into people that you find online and immediately feel like you have known them forever when you walk into their shop. So alike/so different/ how heavenly!!! To adore the differences of these artists that literally make the world go round!!!
I curtsy to all of you that I have met, talked too, shared thoughts with, want to continue to know and those that I will meet one day in the future!!!
Photos later.


  1. Carole! How nice to finally be able to read your blog!! :)Lots of fun posts to read, will do so once my baby shower is over and done with.
    xo Lidy

  2. You write so beautifuly. I know it is from your heart. I am so glad I found your blog. I sent you an e-mail. Hope you get it...Hugs for a weekend filled with much happiness and joy...m.

  3. Hi Carole,
    So happy you stopped by my blog, it is always so good to hear from you! Yes, you are right, Sweetpea is a little pistol, she just bounces around here all the time. We tell Buddy he is our Super Hero, like the Underdog cartoon, "speed of lightning, roar of thunder"! He always lets us know when someone even walks by our house, though we don't necessarily want him to do that! :)
    I love reading your posts Carole, they are so fun and interesting! Your blog is a favorite of mine!
    Carol Anne

  4. Hi Carole!
    We do indeed love the same stuff!
    And, my middle name is Carol (but without the e on the end) Your writing about the blog experience is just wonderful and rings so very true. If I'm not too late for the giveaway, I'd love to participate. See you soon in blogland!