Sunday, May 03, 2009

Simple Sunday & the Give Away is still here!!!

Simple Sunday? Where did that come from : )
Sunday's always give thought of my Mom's Sunday dinner. It was magical and the buffet behind the dining room table was always full to bursting. 6 days a week we ate in the kitchen at the little wooden table. Sunday's was in the dining room and I use to complain about having to place the leaf in so there was room for all of us : )
I have been exploring the fun and fact filled blogs and the amount of information is mind boggling. Please leave a comment so I can enter you into the Give Away.
I love this photograph of a fleur lady. The artist's that drew and painted for the old publications had such marvelous imaginations.

I am glad they have been saved to look at, motivate and inspire us. What a wondrous time. I got these digital photos from The New York Digital Library web site. Please click and see the amazing collections they share with the world. It is awesome and so much fun to spend hours just looking.

I am going on a walk to my craft's storage unit as my room mate is gone with the car. I will walk about 2 miles (to and from) which will be a big deal for me : ) It will take me longer than the normal/average person as I am still healing from spine surgery I had in October 2007. I am feeling great today and I need to do some listings for my little Etsy shop. I want the winners of the Give Away to have lots of items to choose from : )
"See" all later

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