Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Friday & a shout out to my new Friend TINA!!!

First I would like to give a shout out to my new Friend Tina!!!
I love them and they are good for farmers. I like their colors; red, orange, grey, black & yellow. I had a light orange one land on me the other day and have personally seen the red, orange, yellow and grey ones.
I am appreciative of the ladies I have met in Bloglandia!!! I was conversing with a new friend and come to find out I am not the only looking for creative souls to relate too : ) I am so lucky in that I am always finding a new shop, a pretty piece of vintage fabric, a ton of vintage brass findings, that I cannot live without : )
I also had a talk with my Friend Constance over at Rochambeau regarding Blogging politeness and she put it succinctly:
It's good to try to get back either by leaving a comment or an email. But, for some people it's impossible
Okay. I am understanding a little bit better.
I wondered, I asked and I received an answer.
I like frogs too.

Frogs take me back to my childhood. In the country part of California one of the main crops are the grape vineyards; the irrigation canals {they use to be ditches} water them. As kids we would swim in them as the temperatures were in the 100 + degrees. My Dad use to call me a Blackfoot meaning my feet were always covered in dirt and mud from walking barefoot : ) I thought I was part Indian. I would come home with an old Folger's coffee tin filled with the ditch water and polliwogs. I got to keep them and watch them grow into frogs. It was (and still is) amazing to see them. They are almost translucent and then the tails drop off and next thing you know, they are little frogs. My Mom's home has about a quarter of an acre and the backyard was fruit trees, 2 grape vines, a garden and plenty of room for the pets I had : ) My Dad & Mom were so cool I even had a gopher in an old tin washing tub : ) Did you ever go out in the yard with an old kitchen butter knife and dig out Dandelions? I did : ) I remember my Mom {she will be 100 in June} out in her rose garden, wearing her pedal pushers (I remember there is a difference between them and capris) using her hand trowel around their roots adding organic fertilizer. She had quite the beautiful rose garden. I was not into them. I was usually hanging upside down from a Walnut tree branch watching : ) There were 2 huge walnut trees in the back yard; one on either side of the brick barbecue pit. She loved anything that would grow in nature. Lilac bushes growing alongside the house where my bedroom windows were located, her rose garden in the rear of the house where my other bedroom windows were, hydrangea bushes on both sides of the front porch, beautiful tall purple irises growing along another side of the house. Then I think my favorite was the trellis that had sweet peas growing so fluidly. There was a guava tree that was half on and half off our property {actually I think the tree was on the neighbors side the branches, heavily laden with the ripe fruit, hung on our side. Yes, I got permission first before I picked them} that we shared with the Chinese family that lived next door. I love guava's. There flavor is a sweet pear pineapple task. My Mom use to let me pick them and help her make guava jelly. Quit the treat when I was little : )


  1. What a wonderful blog! Thank you sooo much for responding to my boys post! Otherwise I never would have found this. I read this post and tears came to my eyes thinking of summers in Tennessee. I had a new "pet" pig every summer. One time I asked my grandfather what happened to the previous one and he told me they die of a broken heart after I left. It's one of my sweetest memories of him.

  2. Hello Carole, Thanks for the visit:) My Daughter laughted at me about pedal pushers.I think ridings your bike (boys hand-me-down)was better not getting your pant legs caught up:)My Mother loved flowers.I have some of my grandma's daylilies in my yard.(I love Lilacs,born in Mich.) Brandy teaches first grade and they watch the butterfly hatch,I will have to tell her about the frogs.Take care and have a safe weekend.Hugs Mary:)

  3. Hey Carole,

    Tina says to tell you your website is really nice! Big smiles from her! Lovely, lovely post today. It brings back memories. And what the heck IS the difference between pedal pushers and capris? I am seeing visions of my mom in her pedal pushers way back when!