Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Welcome Wednesday

Wild Wenesday
The thrill of the Give Away is waning : (
The above photo is of my "Guys" and if anyone has any information on them I would greatly appreciate it. I bought the original vintage post card (off e-bay) of the one and mirrored him so I could have 2 : ) I love him/them. I use to have a couple of more different guys but I tend to misplace/lose my things : ( I am a bit of a nomad; my genes are different than my family as they are well grounded and live where they have lived forever. My Mom has had the exact same telephone number since before I was bornand I am 60. I have had a million addresses, telephone numbers and library cards from every city I have visited and/or lived in.

Is this elephant absolutely gorgeous? These Nomads have a great mode of transportation!!!

I love this Nomad's jacket. I like Asian inspired art, clothing, fabrics and and jade. I am going to my craft's storage unit and get prepared to package the items the winner's have chosen. I will then be able to mail them to everyone on Saturday.


  1. Carole,

    You are such a sweet, kind person. I am so glad our paths have crossed.m..

  2. Welcome Back Hooters;-)
    I missed ya.

  3. I have a bit of wanderlust myself. I also love jade and wear a jade bangle that is never taken off - as is the tradition in some Asian communities.


  4. I'd say the figures are Venetian, and probably mid-16th century looking at the costumes. Or they could be Vatican City guards, of the same period. At least this will give you a starting place to track them down! Love the elephant too.

  5. I was just thinking the other day that this is the longest I've lived in one place since I was 19 and I am itching to move somewhere new. Probably just across town though. Guess what?! My son leaves tomorrow to bring the Kansas girl to California!

  6. Carole, I hope you have a lovely Mothers day!
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}